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Small Business SEO Course

If you've ever wondered how your small business or home business can get better search engine rankings and compete with the big money sites, wonder no more...

Finally, a break for small business
and home business owners.

Small Business SEO Course
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They say the internet levels the playing field. Small businesses and even home businesses can compete with big business on an even basis.

Yeah, sure.

That's only close to being true if you know how to market your website effectively. Big business has huge advantages over small businesses and home businesses like you and I run:

  • They can afford to hire search engine optimization (SEO) experts.
  • They can afford to hire online marketing experts.
  • They can afford massive advertising campaigns.
  • They better understand national and global marketing.
  • They better understand how to use Internet technology to market locally.
Don't be discouraged, you have advantages too.

Your business is smaller and more nimble. Your business can react quicker.

I can help you level the playing field and grow your business. This business—the website you're on now—I started back in 1997. It's not my only online business either, I have many. The point is, I've been deeply immersed in online marketing for 13 years now, I know search engine optimization and online marketing.

I'm one of those guys you might not be able to afford to hire one-on-one, but you can afford to benefit from my expertise.


Because I've decided to take a different approach than my counterparts. Rather than taking on 10-20 clients and charging $3,000 or more in set up fees, plus a month maintenance fee of $500 or more, I've chosen to charge a fraction of that but train hundreds, or perhaps thousands of small business and home business owners instead.

Search engine optimization training course. You can have anything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want. Small Business SEO
- Zig Ziglar
In other words, this way I can help a lot more people, at a lot lower cost for them, while still earning a very good living for myself. That's what it's all about for me, earning a good living while helping as many folks as possible.

I can show you how your business can be more competitive online, and how to use online resources to market to your local community. Here's how my Small Business SEO Training Course can help you right now:

  • You can learn how to do your own on-site search engine optimization.
    It really isn't hard, you just have to know what to do. I'll show you that. You can do it yourself, assign an employee, enlist family members, or farm it out to a third party webmaster. You (or they) will discover all you need to know to optimize your website for better search engine rankings in the SEO for YOU manual.
  • You'll discover effective link building.
    Link building is the off-site part of search engine optimization. Most small business owners build links the hardest, slowest, least effective way possible—if they do it at all. You'll be much more effective because you'll have my Industrial Strength Link Building manual to guide you.
  • Video tutorials showing exactly everything you need to know to get off to a running start.
    In addition to the training manuals, there are about 12 hours of video tutorials to demonstrate additional SEO and Link Building strategies—with more to come later.
  • FREE upgrades for life!
Let me make this clear...

Everything I teach is white hat search engine optimization. If you're not familiar with that term, it simply means everything I teach is search engine legal.

By contrast, black hat SEO uses tricks that sometimes can achieve quicker results, but the search engines don't approve of these methods. When the search engines catch sites using black hat techniques they ban them. That means black hatters have to keep starting over with new sites whenever they get caught, and they always get caught, it's just a matter of when.

What my Free Upgrades for Life Means

Hundreds of people have bought my two SEO books and have benefitted greatly from them. They also received free Liftime Upgrades. Within a few months of introducing these two products, I added 12 hours of video tutorials. Previous customers received those additional videos for free. Our relationship doesn't end once a sale is made, I look for ways to add value to your previous purchase!

I'm always trying to improve things, and you found me in the beginning stages of creating a member site where I can easily add new tips, marketing lessons, videos and more. All this will be free to customers of these products because my free lifetime upgrades really do mean something! The free upgrades have monetary value and practical, applicable value. I do sell some of them as separate products.

Since you discovered me in transition, I have something special for you . . . for charter members (that could be you if you're seeing this page), you get the SEO manual and link building manual mentioned above, plus the video tutorials right now. You'll receive the following at no additional cost when the member site opens:

  • Lifetime access to the member site. Once the member site is set up, those joining after the charter period will have to pay a monthly fee in addition to purchasing the course. You pay NOTHING extra . . . ever!
  • Instant access to all content. Those joining after the charter period ends will be drip-fed content at first. This prevents someone from joining one day, downloading everything, and asking for a refund the next day, essentially stealing all the content.
  • Marketing how-to lessons. Things like integrating email marketing with your customer base, how to grow your mailing list, and innovative marketing tips you won't find elsewhere.
This is a member site that will keep growing, keep delivering innovative content designed to help your website to thrive in the world of online marketing. Offline marketing strategies will also be presented.

Remember, I'm a small business person, a published author, and I have 13 years worth of active experience in online marketing. I earn my living at this stuff, and I firmly believe I can help your business grow.

Some of your competitors are probably already ahead of you, if not, they could be gaining quickly. Unless the Internet disappears, the rules of marketing and running a business have changed forever, and in all likelihood will continue to evolve.

Those who adapt to the changing times will be able to take advantage of them, as has always been the case in revolutionary times.

Those who do not adapt, will unfortunately be fighting harder and harder for a smaller and smaller share of consumer spending. Don't let that happen to your business!

I want to see you succeed. Small business is the backbone of our economic system, and I want it to stay that way. Not only because I run a small a business, but because your business is good for the country, no matter where you live.

Face it, big business wants all the market share they can get, and the government usually makes things more difficult, not less difficult. The battle for our business survival is ours to win or lose on our own.

Join me. I'm on your side because I'm a small business owner like you. The main difference between us is that I understand search engine optimization and online marketing. Let me help you help yourself.

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This is a very small investment in your business—do not let your competitors get any farther ahead of you!

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PS: Optimizing your site and link building isn't something you have to devote hours on end to all at once. You can go along at your own pace. Of course, the more you get done the more your site will be rewarded, but optimization and link building is self-paced.

See my fancy bottom! :)