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What are the three methods of implementing CSS?


table {color: blue;}
In the code snippet above, which part represents the property?


table {color: blue;}
With the code snippet above in use, what happens to a table?


An HTML element can have different display properties by creating more than one class. What would you add to a paragraph element if you wanted to use a class named hilite to it? 


Which of the following is the best description of a contextual selector?


In addition to specifying specific fonts, in CSS you can also specify generic font families. There are five generic font families, including serif, sans-serif, cursive, and fantasy. Which of the following is the generic font family I didn't name?


With CSS you can control the amount of space between letters, the amount of space between words, and the amount of space between lines of text. Choose the correct comment regarding that statement.


In regards to the CSS box model, where is the margin property located?


With CSS you can set paragraphs to a specific size, and even add a scrollbar to them if the content is too big for the paragraph. What property would you use to allow the scrollbar if needed?


What does the CSS float property do?


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