Testimonials Disclosure

The testimonials on this website are offered under the usual circumstances:

The testimonials on this website are volunteered by the person credited with their comments. Some are from customers who have purchased the product and some are from product reviewers or professional associates who have been provided with a review copy of the product in question. All a free to write what they choose. No person has ever been asked to provide a positive review. When asking for a review it is always made clear and up front that all that is required is their honest opinion. Furthermore, no one is ever compensated for their review other than receiving a review copy of the product at no cost. In as much as some testimonials are from people who have received a review copy of the product, you should assume that all testimonials are from people who have been given a review copy as a way to assign creedence to each testiminial. Be aware that in most cases, the person offering their testiminial has a personal or business website and places their own credibility on the line when they offer a testimony to someone else's product or service.

If specific results are mentioned in a testimonial it should not be considered typical of all customer's experiences. The nature of testimonials is such that they are typically positive in nature, provided by people who have had success or found value in the product in question. Their comments are not to be considered as projections of future results for future customers who use the product. All results achieved, past, present, and future are dependent upon each individual's understanding of the materials presented, of individual execution of the described procedures, methods and implementation of the material, and upon individual effort.

In conclusion, be it known that no person is ever pressured in any way to offer their opinion of any products or services developed and sold by this website; nor are they pressured to provide a positive opinion, nor are they encouraged to omit any items they consider flaws, failures, defects, or incomplete or underdeveloped in any way.