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101 Writing Tips

101 Writing Tips Calling all writers! If you'd like to improve your writing skills, no matter what your skill level is now, this ebook is for you.

Hot writing topics, generating ideas, breaking writer's block, organization and motivation and more are all discussed.

Two of the tips are posted on the product page so you can see the quality. Check it out.

Industrial Strength Link Building

Build Link Popularity Now The much anticipated complement to SEO for YOU is now here!

To have a high ranking website it needs to be optimized (SEO for YOU shows you how) and it needs lots of one-way links pointing to it to create link popularity.

Reciprocal links are almost worthless for link popularity purposes, but Industrial Strength Link Building will show you how to build high value, one-way links to your site that count big toward link popularity—quickly and easily!


Your competition may have already bought this! Search engine optimization for ordinary everyday people! This site has enjoyed high search engine rankings for over a decade. Now, for the first time ever, I reveal all my strategies and techniques that have my site consistently positioned at the top of the search engines for tons of keywords and keyword phrases.

You'd better get this before your competition does. It's HOT!

Public Domain Profits

Free content for life! How would you like all the high quality free content you can use, and to be able use it in any way you like—including selling it, using for website content or blog posts, creating products from it and more?

The public domain is a treasure trove of all the free content you could ever need, and you can do as you wish with it. Discover the rules and resources now with Public Domain Profits.

CSS Made Easy

CSS Made Easy is...well, easy! CSS Made Easy removes the mystery from Cascading Style Sheets for beginners, and takes those with a basic understanding to a whole new skill level by filling in the gaps and showing you style options you likely don't know are available.

You won't find tutorials anywhere that make CSS as easy to understand as those you'll find in this comprehensive, yet fun ebook. Act now and get two free gifts that are perfect complements to CSS Made Easy! Learn more by clicking the link below.

Free Reports Goldmine

Get traffic, make money, grow your mailing list! Free Reports Goldmine can change the future of your website! That's bold statement, but true. You can drive traffic to your website, make money, and get subscribers . . . all by giving away free reports.

There are reasons this site has a very nice Google Page Rank of 5, what I teach in Free Reports Goldmine is one of them.

Forms Made Easy

Try Forms Made Easy for professional looking forms on your web site. Forms Made Easy is a 26-page PDF ebook that walks you through the process of designing and implementing web page forms on your site one easy step at a time.

Includes cool design elements most people don't know about. Your forms can be processed by your web host's mail script, or by email if your host doesn't offer a mail processing script.

Tables Made Easy

Tables Made Easy is...well, easy! Tables Made Easy is the only how-to book you'll need to understand how to create stunning data presentation tables and web page layout tables.

From basic table design to advanced table coding such as row groups, column groups, and collapsed borders, you'll discover how easy it really is to create attractive, functional web page tables.

CSS Reference Charts

CSS Desktop Reference Charts! Very Handy! These CSS Reference Charts will be a great help to you as you code CSS into your web designs. No more hunting online for the right syntax, no more trying to guess at the right code, no more wondering what you're missing! Print the charts out for a handy desktop reference or just use the PDF ebook of 17 CSS Reference right from your computer.

eBook Farming

Ebook Farming: Make Money Online Want an extra income stream? eBook Farming: How to Grow Money Selling Your Words and Ideas shows you how I make thousands of dollars a year selling my own eBooks.

It also shows you how to put other people to work selling it for you, how to take credit card payments without a merchant account, what software to use, how to break writers block, and everything else you need to know to create info-product income streams for yourself. Many have said my success philosophy alone is worth the price. Hey, wake up! I'm doing it and you can too, after all, I'm no rocket scientist.

Inner Circle Webmaster Community

Inner Circle Webmaster Community Members of my Inner Circle receive many benefits, including discounts of up to 50% on cutting edge software from a variety of developers. Members also have access to a members-only web site with tons of superb HTML and CSS tutorials, free software and ebooks, 31 reference charts, content you can reprint, exclusive fonts and much more.

Members also get the largest discounts I offer on my own products and have opportunities to work with me on mutually beneficial projects.

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