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Tables Made Easy is...well, easy!

Tables Made Easy

Do you struggle making web page tables?

Struggle no more!

Whether you want to create web page layout tables or data presentation tables, Tables Made Easy is a PDF ebook that makes it all so much easier. Even if you know basic table code, you just might be amazed at what you don't know.

Finally, all you need to know about tables pulled together in one place. And it's written in the same easy to understand style I'm known for.

With Tables Made Easy you'll master what others only dream of being able to do. Here's just some of what you'll discover in Table Made Easy:

  • Forget about the tedious chore of coding background colors, fonts, sizes and everything else into each table cell and row. Just use a couple lines of code for them all using groups.
  • Change one item in a group and the change is made to every cell in that group. No more changing code in every cell and row.
  • Learn how to collapse borders to create stunning data tables.
  • Lots of code examples are given, including CSS enhancements.
  • Of course, all the basics are covered too.

Tables Made Easy is perfect for anyone that struggles with complex tables—but it's a special blessing for beginners because it walks you through "all things table" in step-by-step fashion. With only the bare minimum usage of technical terms, anyone can follow along easily.

WARNING! With Tables Made Easy, you could become so proficient at designing tables that all your struggling friends will bug you for help!

I just thought it was only fair to warn you. Not everyone can handle being the go-to guy or gal.

Here's the complete Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Table Facts
  3. Basic Table Structure
  4. Sizing and Alignment
  5. Magazine Style Table
  6. Table for Left Border Backgrounds
  7. Multi-column Multi-row Data Table
  8. Creating Row Groups
  9. Creating Column Groups
  10. Spanning Columns and Rows
  11. Table Captions
  12. Table Summaries
  13. Cellpadding and Cellspacing
  14. Table Borders
  15. Add Text to Blank Banners and Buttons
  16. Framing Pictures

As you can see it's a very comprehensive how-to guide. There is no filler or fluff, it's 26 pages of solid content. All that, and...

A Special Free Gift

Coding all those table rows and table cells for a large data table can be very tedious, that's why I'm including a free software program that spits out the entire code for multicolumn, multirow tables about as fast as you can tell it how many rows and columns you want. Of course, it works for small tables too. It's my gift to you for ordering today.

You'll love owning such a comprehensive, yet easy to use resource. And the free table maker software is pretty sweet bonus!

Get Tables Made Easy Now!
Yes Dennis, I want to discover how to master table layouts, and I want the free table making software too. I want it all!
I accept the risk my friends may bug the heck out of me to help them with their table layout problems!
Just $17.00 if you order now.

PS - With the cost of everything going up, I don't know how long I can hold the price down to just $17.00. Order today while it's still this low.

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Make Tables Like Those Below Easily, Just Copy and Paste the Code!

Easily make tables like this with copy and paste code.

Using row groups and column groups you can code color changes, font styles, and more like you see in the table below—all with just a couple lines of code. No need to tediously code that stuff into every table cell. Change the appearance of an entire table with just a couple of quick code changes.

The code for this one is included too.

Discover how to make a professional looking magazine style layout like the one below.

Make a magazine-style table like this, just copy and paste the code.

Special Offer!

Order today and get Table Wizard as my free gift to you! Table Wizard is a snap to use. Just enter the number of rows and columns and it spits out the code for you. It will even add cellpadding, cellspacing, border colors, set the alignment, background color, and even a background image if you choose.

One glance at the screenshot below and you can see how easy it is to use.

Tables Made Easy is the only how-to book you need to understand how to create data presentation tables and web page layout tables. From basic table design to advanced table coding such as row groups, column groups, and collapsed borders, you'll discover how easy it really is to create stunning web page tables. You'll also discover how to use CSS to modify every attribute of HTML tables.

There is no other resource quite like Tables Made Easy. It was designed from the beginning to be user friendly for both the beginner and for experienced webmasters who want to improve their skills.

Order Tables Made Easy today and become a master at creating stunning, functional HTML tables in no time. Plus, you'll get my Table Wizard software as my free gift to you.

See my fancy bottom! :)