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Free Reseller Hosting

This reseller host is like no other . . . you can open a reseller account for FREE—and it just gets better from there! - Free Reseller Hosting Program, Private Label, Turn Key, API
They provide the tech support for you AND your customers—but your customers won't know it isn't your company providing the tech support. Your hosting business will look and feel like a true independent hosting company.

Not only that, but do the billing too. They'll bill your clients and pay you the difference between their wholesale price to you and your retail price you set for your customers. All you have to do is promote your hosting company.

You don't even have to buy your own domain name, they truly do offer a completely free reseller account, but I highly recommend you do buy your own domain name for hosting. You want YOUR hosting company to look professional, so your own domain name is a must.

You can select one of their templates or use your own design with their remote API. It only takes a couple hours to set up a turnkey hosting business based on their templates, even less if you don't design your own header graphic.

So who is this free reseller hosting compan? It's Reseller Panel. You can click that link or the banner above the previous paragraph to check them out.

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Free Reseller Hosting

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