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About started as a hobby site in 1997, but by the end of that year it was producing a small but steady income selling custom graphics services, even though this service wasn't advertised or even listed on the site in the early going.

Artistic rendering of the site creator and owner. Dennis Gaskill, the owner and creator, thought 'outside the box' from the beginning. He would create custom graphics for individuals and businesses and let them pay whatever they thought the graphics were worth. Some people underpaid, some overpaid, but most were fair.

That unusual approach, combined with quality work, set the course for Dennis to rise to prominence in a short time. By 1999 he was working for himself from his home office full-time and has earned his living from the Internet since.

Dennis has developed a reputation for honesty, fairness, and for his writing and teaching skills . . . and for many, for being a bit of a lovable goof. Don't let his off-the-wall sense of humor fool you though, he's a successful entrepreneur that serves as a mentor to many striving to climb the ladder of success.

As a founding member of i-cop (the International Council of Online Professionals) and currently serving his second 3-year term as a member of Mid-State Technical College's Marketing Program Advisory Board, Dennis has established himself as home business expert.

His book, Web Site Design Made Easy, is in its third edition and is used in hundreds of colleges, tech schools, and high schools. He publishes Almost a Newsletter and has "ghost written" thousands of articles for other publications. His own Almost a Newsletter was named the Best Ezine of the Year by an independent newsletter review service and named a Top 3 Ezine in Writer's Digest Magazine.

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The member's site has about 100 standards compliant HTML and CSS tutorials, 31 handy reference charts, reprintable content, web graphics, exclusive fonts, free software, free ebooks and more? All this for less than 9 cents a day! [ Details ]
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