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Almost a Newsletter Web Design Tips lmost a Newsletter is an award-winning, original content ezine about web design, website promotion and marketing, and life design. Most readers subscribe for the webmaster tips, but many come to love the life design tips even more.

Whichever camp you fall into, you're sure to learn from it and be entertained at the same time.

Over 10,000 subscribers can't be wrong!

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Best Ezine of the Year

WINNER - Almost a Newsletter

You have to give the award to Almost a Newsletter for the name alone. Actually, I chose it because it's the best example of a publication that is both entertaining and informative. The publisher - Boogie Jack - is one of the more colorful characters on this planet. But what makes him really stand out from the rest is that he has the readers' interests firmly welded to his heart.

There's something for everyone in this newsletter, whether beginner or professional. So expect to see website design and management tips interspersed with wit and wisdom of a broader kind. And if you want to know what I mean when I say the Web world could do with a few more Boogie Jack's, see the interview I did with him.
- Mark Brownlow, ibizNewsletters

What's in AAN?

  • Website Design Tips and Tutorials
  • Website Promotion Tips
  • Product Discounts/Special Offers
  • Life Design Articles
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • Freebies, resources, contests...

Top 3 Ezine

A few years ago Almost a Newsletter was named one of the top three ezines on the Internet in Writer's Digest Magazine. It's only gotten better since then!

Here are a few more raves others have volunteered...

Published by the hilariously funny Boogie Jack, this one offers some great tips for novice Internet users as well as experienced web site owners.
- Ezine Seek (now EzineUniverse)

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Changing list hosts. Will post a new signup form soon.
This is one of the funnier and more useful newsletters on the Web. Jack's unique blend of humor and informative tips and reviews is an enjoyable read just for the comic value. The tips are top-notch as well...
- List-a-day

Humor aside, [Dennis] Gaskill (Boogie Jack) puts out plenty of useful information about the Internet and how to use it effectively, and often delves into little offbeat corners and comes up with promo tricks that others overlook. His newsletter is worth subscribing to for content alone -- although it is obviously not aimed at the laughter-impaired.
- Andover

In addition to tips for webmasters, Boogie throws in some useful computer tips, freebies, quotes, and a feature called Life's Little Goodies which is both inspirational and educational. If you like to laugh and learn at the same time, I recommend subscribing to Almost A Newsletter. - Best Ezines

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  2. Web design and promotion tips from a published author on the subject.
  3. Discounts on software and ebooks several times each year.
  4. Occasional FREEBIES!
  5. Subscriber questions answered in every issue.
  6. Helpful tips on a variety of topics that save you money or make life easier.
  7. Injected with humor to make traditionally dry topics more tasty—still no calories!
  8. Thoughtful "life design" articles that help you discover secrets for living a happier, more effective life.
  9. Discover quality resources you never knew existed.
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