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This entire web site and all content is Copyright by Dennis Gaskill and unless noted otherwise, all rights reserved worldwide. No part may be reproduced in any manner or medium without expressed permission from the copyright owner.

The following exceptions are made:

  1. A free, non-exclusive license is granted for personal non-commercial sites to use the graphics found in my image archive. This applies to the graphics in the free graphics archive only, and does not apply to any other graphics on this site. Permission is conditional upon proper usage. Proper usage is defined as:
    1. Using the graphics in the design of your web site only, not as an image archive to offer to others to download from.
    2. Download the graphics to your computer and uploading them to your site; or for Web TV users, to transload them to your site. Graphics must never be linked to directly on my server.
    3. Graphics may not be used in a derogatory or defamatory manner.
    4. You link to my site somewhere on yours.
  2. Commercial sites may also use the graphics in the image archive, but a nominal license fee or front page link is required. Please see the commercial site terms for complete details.
  3. Legally recognized non-profit organizations, military personnel, official government agencies, and educational institutions may follow the less restrictive personal site requirements listed here, rather than the terms on the page for commercial use.
  4. Personal, non-commercial sites may use the sound files under the same condition as image files except no link back is required. A link would be appreciated though, and helps me to grow the site for the benefit of all.
  5. Code samples and tutorials may be used by anyone, commercial and non-commercial, in the design of your site in the underlying source code. Under no circumstances can the tutorials be replicated on any sites or in any other medium or manner without expressed permission from the copyright holder. The tutorials are there for your benefit to learn from, not to reprint in part or in whole elsewhere.
  6. I sometimes grant permission to reprint articles from my newsletter. Permission is decided on a case-by-case basis. There are also articles that may be reprinted in the Inner Circle members site. Membership is required to access the articles available for reprint.
  7. In all cases, whether using free graphics, sound files, textual content or any other content, the copyrights are retained by myself and this web site.
  8. Sites found in violation of copyright policies are subject to revocation of the pre-granted conditional license, or the conditional license granted under commercial usage. Sites will then either have to remove the content or conform to conditions. Extreme offenders may be subject to prosecution.
All content not specifically cited herein remains copyright protected and may not be used without permission. Now that all the legal mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, go enjoy the site!

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