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List of Web Hosts

Why reward fake host review sites who "rank" hosts according to which host pays the most in listing fees or affiliate commissions? You'll find a big list of web hosts below—without fake rankings. Surf, compare, choose—as Leonardo Da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Listings are in alphanumeric order.
Host Types of Hosting Offered
2ip Shared Hosting
A2 Hosting Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller | VPS
Avahost Shared Hosting | Reseller
Bluehost Shared Hosting
Bounceweb Shared Hosting | Reseller
Brainhost Shared Hosting
Certified Hosting Shared Hosting | Dedicatede Servers | Reseller
dotCanada Shared Hosting | Reseller
eBoundHost Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | VPS
Fast Domain Shared Hosting
Fat Cow Shared Hosting
Geek Storage Shared Hosting | Reseller | VPS
Globat Shared Hosting
Glowhost Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller | VPS ...more
Host Excellence Shared Hosting
Host Gator Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller
Hosting 4 Less Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | High Bandwidth
Host Monster Shared Hosting
Hosting Nation Shared Hosting
Inmotion Hosting Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | VPS
IX Web Hosting Shared Hosting
KnownHost Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Hybrid Servers | VPS
Layered Tech Dedicated Servers | Cloud Computing
Liquid Web Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | VPS
Lunar Pages Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller | VPS
Mochahost Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller
Omnis Network Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers
Perfect Presence Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers
Single Hop Dedicated Servers
Sitesell Combination of training and hosting for business start-ups.
Start Logic Shared Hosting
Supergreen Host. Shared Hosting
The Planet Dedicated Servers | Colocation
Third Sphere Shared Business Hosting
Thinkhost Shared Hosting
TurnKey Internet Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | VPS | Colocation
Ubiquity Hosting Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller | VPS
Web Hosting Co. Shared Hosting
Web Hosting Pad Shared Hosting
Web Wizards Shared Hosting | Reseller
West Host Shared Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Reseller | VPS
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How to Choose a Good Website Host

How to choose a good web host.
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Description: This FREE guide to choosing a good host explains the criteria I use to choose a hosting services provider. It includes giveaway rights if you want to share with your own website visitors or friends.

Want a Shortcut?

Choosing a good website host can be a lot of work if you take the time to do it right. If you want a shortcut, my associates and I have put together a short list of our recommendations. Admittedly, our recommended lists are pretty short because we only recommend hosts we actually use. But if you want more...

About the Big List on this Page

I put together the big list on this page for those who want more selection. Understand though, that most of these hosts are hosts that we haven't used. I'm only offering this big list of hosts to surf to and check out.


list of web hosts This list of hosting companies sure beats hunting through search results to find a host. web hosting companies

Helpful Definitions

Shared hosting (also called virtual hosting) means that your site is sharing a server with many other sites. This is the least expensive option and all most people need.

Co-located hosting means you buy the server and supply it to a hosting company, who plugs it into their network. You are responsible for the support and maintenance of your server.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting is similar to co-location except that, rather than buying a server, you lease a server from a host.

Managed dedicated hosting means leasing a server from the host, but the host provides full support and maintenance.

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