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HTML Help: Attribute Quotation Marks

In some HTML tutorials they show code examples using quotes around attribute values but other tutorials don't use quotes. Which is the right way to do it?
Some attributes allow for omitting the quotation marks around the attribute value, but it's a good idea to make a habit of always including them.

In XHTML, all attribute values must be enclosed in quotation marks. If a later version of HTML requires quotation marks and you want to upgrade your code, you'd have to go back through every page and put add in the quotations marks.

It's easier to form a good habit now by always including them. You'll never be wrong by using them. If you make a habit of always including them you'll be less likely to leave them off where they are required.

Best Practice:

<element attribute="value">

This concludes the

HTML Help about using quotation marks around attribute values

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