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HTML Help: Custom Favorites Icon

How do I get my site to display the custom favorites icon in the address bar that I see on some sites, like yours for instance?
All you have to do is place the icon in the root directory of your web site. The root directory is where you keep the index page.

A browser looks for a file named "favicon.ico" from the same directory as the page being displayed. If it doesn't find it there it will look for it in the root directory.

You can also tell the browser where to find it by placing the following code in the HEAD section of your page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="path/favicon.ico">

Using this code, you could actually have different icons for different parts of your website if you wanted. Just change "path" in that code to the actual path to your icon. In addition to the icon being displayed in the address bar, the icon will also show up next to your link in the bookmarks folder when someone bookmarks your site.

The image should be 16 x 16 pixels and be in the Windows icon format. It has to be a true icon file, you can't just rename a GIF or JPG image. Don't forget to upload the icon to your server space, and it should be named favicon.ico.

If you don't know have the software to create an icon you can design one online for free at Real World Graphcs. You can also upload an image and convert it into an icon.

This concludes the

HTML Help about Custom Web Page Browser Icons

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