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HTML Help: Indent Paragraph First Line

Here's a question my wife keeps asking. How do you get the first line of a paragraph to indent, preferably to auto-indent?
To have the first line of a paragraph indent automatically you need to add a CSS rule to your style sheet. Here's the rule:
p {text-indent: 12px;}
That would be for an external style sheet. If you're not using external style sheets, add the following code to the HEAD section of each page:
<style type="text/css">
p {text-indent: 12px;}
With the first code example in an external style sheet, or the second code example in the HEAD section of the page, each time you use a paragraph tag the first line will be indented by 12 pixels. Just change the "12" to the number you want and it's good to go.

You can also use inline CSS to indent a paragraph on a one-time basis. Here's an example:

<p style="text-indent: 15px;">

If this sentence is indented by 15 pixels, it worked! The second line and the lines thereafter would not be indented. Now go tell your wife you'll teach her how to indent paragraphs if she'll give you a big ol' kiss. ;)

This concludes the

HTML Help about Indenting the First Line of a Paragraph

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