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HTML Help: Saving Gif Images

I made a graphic I want to save as a gif image but my program doesn't give me that option, it's there for other images, but not this one. Is there something wrong with my image or maybe my graphics program?
Your graphics program is dirty. Pour steaming hot soapy water into your computer through the intake fan to clean it.

It sounds like you may have created the image in full color. You need to reduce the image to 256 colors or less to save it as a gif image.

This option bay be found on your program menu under Image/Convert, or Image/Color Depth, or a similar wording. In the Convert dialog, choose the Paletted 8-bit option.

If it's not there, just look around the menus or consult your program's Help files to learn how to reduce an image's color depth.

If you have a lot of colors in your image you will probably see a noticeable loss of quality when you reduce it. In this case, unless it's an animation, you might be better off saving it as a jpg image.

This concludes the

HTML Help about Saving Gif Images

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