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HTML Acronym Tutorial

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The HTML acronym tag, believe it or not, allows you to define an acronym!

An acronym is a word made from other words. For example, "ASAP" is an acronym of As Soon As Possible, and "modem" is an acronym of modulator and demodulator.

Do you know what the acronym DIY means?

The appearance of the acronym on the page can vary depending on the browser, but it is supported by all major browsers.

You have to add a title attribute to the abbreviation tag in order for that tool tip to appear explaining what the abbreviation means. That's coded like this:

<acronym title="Explain your acronym here">ASAP</a>

That's pretty self-explanatory . . . just surround your acronym with the opening and closing acronym tags and then add the title and title text to the opening tag.

You can use CSS to change the appearance of the abbreviation. You might make it have a background color, or change the text color, or whatever grinds your coffee.

This concludes the HTML Acronym Tag Tutorial.
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