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HTML Input Tutoral

Browser Support

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The input tag is a form control widget used to collect different types of data from users, depending on the type of widget used.

There are several types of input widgets:

text | checkbox | radio | password | file | submit | reset | button | image | hidden

The syntax is as follows:

<input type="whichType">
Substitute the actual type of input widget you want to use for whichType.

Form Input Control Examples

Note: You can play with the input widgets below, they are intentionally non-functional.
Text Input
A simple text box for collecting names, email addresses, etc.
Checkbox Input This: That: The Other:
Allows a user to select an option by "checking off" the checkbox. Checkboxes allow multiple selections. Try it.
Radio Button Input This: That: The Other:
Allows a user to select an option by "checking off" the checkbox. If a series of radio buttons has the same name attribute the user is limited to one selection. Try to select more than one.
Password Input
A text box again, only the characters you type are hidden by substitution.
File Input
For uploading files, the browse button is part of this input widget. Try it, you can browse your own computer system.
Submit Input
Button for submitting the form to the form's script for processing.
Reset Input
Button for resetting all form widgets to the default state.
Button Input
Used with scripting code to make the button perform an action you define by the script you use.
Image Input
Allows you to use an image button instead of the standard form buttons. Can be used to submit the form, reset the form, or to link to another page.

There are several hidden input widgets. It can be used to redirect the browser to another page when a form is submitted, or require certain form field to be filled out before the form can be submitted, and more. Check with your website host to see which hidden fields are supported for your form processing script.

This concludes the HTML Input Tutorial.
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