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HTML Script Tag Tutorial

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The script tag is used to embed a client-side script in a web page, most commonly JavaScript. Common uses for JavaScript are image manipulation, stylized tool tips, form validation, and printing content based on variables.

The script element may link to an external script via the src (source) attribute or it may contain scripting statements.

The type attribute is required. It is used to specify the script's MIME type.

Here's an example:

<script type="text/javascript">
//Script courtesy of
var Today = new Date();
var ThisYear = Today.getFullYear();
var DayName = Today.getDate();
document.write("Copyright " + ThisYear);

Here's how that looks on a web page:

Obviously that script places a copyright notice on your web page. The nice thing about it is the date is automatically updated each year. Just drop your name or website name after it and you've got an extremely low maintenance copyright notice.

Yeah, go ahead and steal my script. That's why I used it as an example, to give you something cool. If you want to thank me just link to my site—and thank you in advance if you do.

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This concludes the HTML Script Tag Tutorial.
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