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Product Reviews

Over one million people have trusted for information related to websites and conducting business online since 1997. You can believe it when we say we offer honest product reviews. Please see the sidebar for more details if the details interest you.

The Reviews

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About our reviews...

We take pride in providing honest reviews. The most important thing to know is that you won't find any negative reviews here.

That's not because we haven't run into bad products, but that we choose not to write about products that we can't honestly recommend to you.

You see, it isn't our goal to trash other people's products. Our goal is to connect good products with people that are looking for them. However, if there is a specific product you are curious about, feel free to contact us and ask about it. If we have any experience with it we'll let you know, good or bad. While we don't want to offer the bad in public, we will share what we think with you in private.

We will, however, publicly point out any negatives about a product that we think should be a consideration before purchasing it, as long as the strengths of the product outweigh the negatives (otherwise, as previously stated, we won't review it).

Bear in mind that reviews are based on our opinion the product, which is influenced by our experience in that field and with other products of the kind, and as such, are always subjective in nature. Your mileage may vary.

In some cases we may have been given a courtesy copy of the product to review. We try to be as objective as possible just the same. Also, if the product we are reviewing has an affiliate program, we may join it and use our affiliate link. We'd be crazy not to, don't you think? Again, we try to be as objective as possible. We do not offer positive reviews simply because someone has an affiliate program. There are so many good products that offer an affiliate program that there is no need to try to trick anyone into buying a bad product. We value our integrity and your perception of us, so please assume all outbound links are affiliate links so there is no misunderstanding. Thanks.

Lastly, we only review commercial products. We feel there is no need to review free products since they are free, you can review them for yourself at no expense. A word of caution though—freeware is one of the primary sources of spyware, so do be careful about any freeware you use.

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