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WP Fortify

WordPress Security Simplified

Don't Let Hackers Ruin Your WordPress Blog and Reputation . . . Fortify It Now and Send Them Away in Search of Easier Targets

WP Fortify: Secure WordPress from Hackers If you are getting ready to install a WordPress blog, this page is for you. If you already have a WordPress blog, let me ask you a question...

Is your WordPress site easy to hack?

According to SOPHOS (a British and American security company), 73 percent of Wordpress installations are vulnerable to hacking.

If you haven't taken any steps to harden your WordPress installation, then your blog is most likely part of the vulnerable 73 percent.

If you installed WordPress using Fantastico or another auto-installer, or you're planning on installing WordPress—then please, STOP and READ THIS PAGE before it's too late!

Fantastico and other auto-installers are convenient, but they paint a big target on your site for hackers. There are several reasons this is true, here's just one...

An autoinstaller creates certain files related to WordPress in your hosting account. Some are critical to your blog security. With autoinstallers, these important files always have the same name. Hackers know this, and exploit it.

Don't Make This Mistake...

You might think, "Well, nobody would want to hack ME or MY site."

That's the way I used to think . . . until my site was hacked.

Hackers may not want to hack your site because it is YOUR site, but they are looking for easy targets of opportunity.

Who owns the site, how popular the site is, or what the site is about does not matter. So while YOU are not the target, your easy to find and hack auto-installed blog IS a target.

A target of opportunity is any WordPress blog installed by auto-installers like the ones nearly every web host uses.

Hackers can easily find these targets using free software or through carefully worded search queries. They don't have to be looking specifically for your site to find it . . . and hack it.

If your site is hacked, you'd be lucky of all the hacker did was deface the site. Many tmes they do far more damage.

They hide scripts and pages that are used for phishing attempts, spam, and other nefarious activies that can not only ruin your site's reputation, but can get it blocked and/or banned at all sorts of places, including search engines, email servers, and payment processors.

If you have a business, your business can effectively be shut down. Recovery is very difficult at best, and it can take years. It did for me.

They also hide malware. If someone picks up malware as a result of visiting your site, there's a possibility you could be sued.

There IS an Effective and Easy Solution!

I don't want any of those bad things to happen to you. That's why I came out with an easy to follow, highly illustrated guide for securing WordPress sites called WP Fortify.

There are two main guides. One guide is for securing existing blogs. The other guide shows you how to install WordPress securely from the beginning.

I consulted two different WordPress experts in preparing this product. The second expert was to check on the first one! So you can be assured WP Fortify is packed with good advice on securing your WordPress blog from hackers.

Here's what's included:

  • WP Fortify: This report walks you through the process of manually installing WordPress and the settings you need to use to secure it. This isn't hard, you just have to do it right.
  • WP Retro-Fortify: This report walks you through the process of securing existing blogs that were installed using Fantastico.
  • Bonus Tips: This short report offers additional security tips you can implement after your blog is secured using either WP Fortify or WP Retro-Fortify.
  • 2 Quick Start Guides: These guides are the steps from WP Fortify or WP Retro-Fortify without the detailed explanations and screen shots. If you install WordPress often you'll want to gravitate from the fully detailed reports to the Quick Start Guides once you're comfortable with the process.
  • WP Config Walkthrough: A color-coded supplemental guide to make editing the wp-config file very easy to do. It's way easier than people think, especially with this guide.
  • Database Settings: This is just a simple one-page spread sheet file for your convenience so you can record your settings for new installs.

That looks like a lot, maybe enough to seem overwhelming, but most of those files are very short and concise.

Of the two longer ones, you'll either use one to secure a new install, or the other to secure an existing blog. Both are around 30 pages, and both are full of screen captures to show you exactly what to do step-by-step, so even these are pretty easy on the brain.

A lot of thought and planning went into this package. The writing, the screen captures, consulting two different WordPress experts, the multiple guides—all this adds up to peace of mind for you knowing your blog is secure from the most common vulnerabilities.

That's important, because hackers will not only move on to an easier target, but when they use the search engines to find vulnerable sites they won't even find yours!

Of course, your site will still rank where it normally would without using WP Fortify, it's only the vulnerabilities that are being taken away.

Believe This: You really don't want your site to get hacked. It was a horrible experience and almost put me out of business. In some ways I'm still fighting off the damage, and it happened years ago.

Because auto-installed WordPress blogs are so vulnerable, and because there are so many users, I decided I had to come out with some no-nonsense help. You can finally stop hoping your blog doesn't get hacked by taking a few simple, proactive steps to prevent it.

Did I mention using WP Fortify is easy?

It is, because it's highly illustrated, with the step-by-step details you need to feel comfortable making the simply adjustments needed.

I've written college text books about web design, so you can be assured these guides are well written and easy to follow.

The regular price will be $27, but I promised my newsletter readers I'd hold the introductory price at just $17 until the next issue comes out. Typically that's around the 3rd or 4th of the month, but since it's the July 4th holiday weekend, it may go out a little early or late.

Either way, I encourage you to grab this now before the price goes up.

 WP Fortify 
Guarantee Yes, I want better blog protection. Count me in!
I understand I'll get immediate access to download the product and that I also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Introductory price—just $17! This price will increase in 2015!

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Important: If your browser security settings prevent Paypal from redirecting you to the download page after your order goes through, just click the "return to merchant" link to go to the download page.

PS According to security experts three out of four blogs are easy to hack. Sometimes being in the majority is a bad thing. This is one of those times. Don't be a victim, stop WordPress hackers cold with WP Fortify.

Best regards, Signature of the Author of Digital Photo Sales Mastery

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