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Press Room was established in 1997 by Dennis Gaskill. Gaskill is the author of Web Site Design Made Easy, now in the 3rd edition and used as the teaching text in hundreds of colleges, tech schools, and high schools nationwide. Gaskill also publishes Almost a Newsletter, an award-winning ezine about web design and life design. A prolific writer, he has written over 500 newsletters, and numerous articles and information products.

From the beginning, Gaskill has published information and created products intended to help people learn about web design and find success and happiness in life. With a true desire to help people who are willing to help themselves, his attitude toward others has been a primary key to his success.

Quick Facts

  • Founding member of i-Cop, the International Council of Online Professionals. The primary mission of i-Cop is to protect consumers by setting the standard for online business ethics.
  • Currently serving a second consecutive term on Mid-state Technical College's Marketing Program Advisory Board.
  • Published book author, Web Site Design Made Easy (3rd edition).

Recent Press Releases

June 30, 2008
For immediate release:
Think Your Website's Safe From Hackers? Then You Don't Know Jack.
Synopsis: Discover how a hacker ruined a well-established and trusted ecommerce business practically overnight, what can be done to help prevent a successful attack, and what recovery steps can be taken if your web site is hacked to ruin.
Press Release (PDF Format)
Full Hacker Report (PDF Format)
May 23, 2008
For immediate release:
CSS Made Easy Marks Debut of New Product Line
Synopsis: has released the first of a series of ebooks designed to make web site design easily accessible for everyone. Dubbed the "Made Easy Line" - a name borrowed in part from his book, Web Site Design Made Easy - CSS Made Easy marks the first of a series of tightly focused ebooks that allow users to buy topic-specific web design manuals. Tables Made Easy and Forms Made Easy are scheduled to be released in July of 2008.
Press Release (PDF Format)

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