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Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics

Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics
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If you've ever tried your hand at affiliate marketing, did your results go something like this...
  • you put up some links and nothing happened, or...
  • you worked at it and made a few sales, but not much.
No, I'm not a mind reader, those are typical results for beginners.

The trouble is, most beginners get discouraged and quit before they learn enough to earn enough to get excited.

You can Kick the Learning Curve in the Gut!

This may sound strange, but most affiliate program owners know precious little about affiliate marketing.


Because they have never been affiliates!

Since they have never been in the affiliate trenches trying to earn money from the other side of the business, they can't teach you what they themselves don't know. It's like the old adage about the blind leading the blind...

...but now you can stop working blindly and
start affiliate marketing the smart way!
You'll discover 28 profit producing affiliate marketing strategies in Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics. These proven tactics can be the vital difference between success and failure for any affiliate.
Wouldn't you like to earn big, fat affiliate commissions, too?

Selling my own products is my primary income, but I earn a very nice second income from affiliate marketing.

The nice thing is, much of it is hands off. It's true, with some of these tactics, once it's set up I don't have to do much at all to earn serious commissions.

That doesn't mean there's no work, it does take some effort, but it isn't hard.

I've been earning affiliate commissions for a long time...

I earned my first affiliate check back in 2000. I was already making money selling my own products, but I remember thinking how cool it was to earn money for products I didn't even own!

And guess what—it's still cool getting wads of extra cash every month from products I don't own. It's like opening a store downtown and not having to pay for the products to stock the shelves. :)

My 10+ Years of Affiliate Marketing Experience is Your Gain

There is much more competition today than when I started. If you're just starting out, or if you aren't making much money as an affiliate yet, you need the edge this report can give you.


Most of your competition is engaging in what I call "grope and hope" marketing. That means they are feeling their way around without knowing what they're doing, just hoping for good results.

Tough way to make a buck. Not the smartest way, either.

The 28 strategies for maximizing your affiliate earnings I'll show you are the cream of crop. I've tried a lot of tactics over the years, and only the very best cash producing strategies are included in this 52-page report. Some of the tactics are mine, some I learned by observing others—the important thing is that they all work.

Any one of these tactics can put money in your pocket!
  • Discover the key to consistent earnings in Tactic 2. Build on this idea and your monthly income just keeps growing and growing.
  • In Tactic 7 you'll discover how to profit from people who buy through your links, not once, but twice! It's true, when someone buys through your affiliate link, they can still put more money in your pocket—and you don't have to do one additional thing.
  • Discover how to capitalize on the buzz generated by major product launches in Tactic 16. Catch the right tide and ride the wave to fast profits.
  • Tactic 17 is one of my favorite set-it and forget-it money getting methods. Besides earning affiliate commissions directly, you end up with a mailing list chock full of people who want to hear from you and will buy from you again and again!
  • Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get other people to distribute your affiliate link for you? Tactic 20 shows you how to do exactly that. Your customers will be happy to spread your affiliate link for you when you know the secret behind this tactic.
That's just what you'll learn from only five tactics in this report. Just think, there are 23 others just waiting for you to use to boost your affiliate commissions.
You're smart enough to see how this information could be extremely valuable to you right now. Get this though—the value of this information will keep growing over time as your affiliate commissions grow. It's true, the longer you use these tactics they more they are worth to you.

The only question is...

How much would it be worth to you to increase your affiliate commission income month after month?

An ordinary 52-page report of this quality usually sells for $27.00 to $67.00. This is no ordinary report though, this one shows you how to fatten your bank account!
Think about where you'll be financially a year or two from now if nothing changes. Now imagine how it would be if you increase your commissions month after month. Which end result do you want?

In real terms, this special report could be worth hundreds of dollars to you rather quickly, and worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars over your affiliate career.

I could easily charge $47.00 to $97.00 for this report and sell hundreds, if not thousands of copies. But I'm not going to, not yet.

Look, I know times are hard for many people right now, and affiliate marketing is their only lifeline to extra money, so I'm holding the cost down on this one—for now.

Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics is just $17.00 if you order today. Chances are it will be the same price tomorrow, but I am planning on turning it into an email course when I have more time.

It will cost more then. Quite a bit more, actually. Probably in the neighborhood of $5.00 a week for 12 weeks. You can do the math to see what you're saving by buying now.

Free Bonus: Traffic Generation Tactics
Traffic Generation Tactics Naturally the more traffic you have going to your affiliate links the more chances you have to earn those nice fat commission checks.

I'm including Traffic Generation Tactics for free to help you explode your affiliate commissions. This ebook shows you 18 ways to drive more traffic to your sites.

I'm also including Giveaway Rights with this ebook. Depending on which affiliate products you promote, you might want to include it as a bonus for buying through your link. Or, just give it away to build good will. :)

Offer Summary...Here's What You Get
  • Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics: a 52-page report featuring 28 proven strategies to increase the frequency and amount of your affiliate commissions.
  • Traffic Generation Tactics: a 28-page ebook outlining 18 free ways to generate traffic to your websites. Some of these tactics have a chance to go viral and explode your traffic.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • All for just $17.00—you can make that back and tons more with just one of these money making tactics.
Grab Your Copy NOW!
Satisfaction Guaranteed Yes—I want my own copy of Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics plus Traffic Generation Tactics!

This report comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

Kick your affiliate marketing commissions into high gear starting right NOW!

Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics is just $17.00 if you order today. Click the Order Now button to get YOUR copy!

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PS: Remember, with a 30-day money back guarantee the risk is all on me. You've got nothing to lose and better paydays ahead of you—you do want bigger, better paydays, don't you?

Affiliate Commission Pay Raise Tactics
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