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For Windows XP, 7, and 8

Background Magic

Now YOU can easily make unique web page backgrounds for your website and and blog, and make buttons that say exactly what you want on them!

Background Magic Splash Screen

All New! Version 3 is here!

Background Magic is really three easy-to-use software programs in one:
Product One: Background Magic Background Magic: With Background Magic you can easily create your own seamless web page backgrounds that reflect your unique style and good taste.

Product One: Background Magic Border Magic: In addition to making standard background tiles, you can easily make left-border style backgrounds, too.

Product One: Background Magic Button Magic: With Button Magic you can make navigation buttons for your website that have the exact text you want on them. You design the look, choose the size, font, font color, shadow and more. It's all so easy, too—no graphic skills are required for any of these programs!

Designed for Ease of Use

All three programs were designed to be very user-friendly for webmasters who have no interest in the steep learning curve that traditional graphic editors require. Unsolicited testimonial for Background Magic
O boy! O wow! This program is not only fun, it is fast, easy to use and the help files are comprehensive . . . the only complaint I have is that this is a real timewaster . . . I could play all day long. I'm also using my own photos, great fun, especially when combined with your library of images. Thanks for a great program, keep 'em coming.
- Rosemary Wilkinson
Background Magic Testimonial Box Bottom Yes, it really is a fun and easy to use program, and there's also a great deal of satisfaction in designing your own unique backgrounds and buttons! But don't take my word for it...

Take a look at Background Magic in action:

Make Your Website YOU-nique!

Make your website stand apart Why do so many websites and blogs look almost identical? It's because they use the same themes, templates, and free graphics. You have to do something to separate your site from the rest, or it just blends in. Unfortnately, blending in makes it forgetable.

Just having unique content is not enough. Check your server stats and you'll see a huge percentage of your visitors leave within seconds of landing on your site. That not only sucks, but it hurts your search engine rankings!

Now more than ever, our websites and blogs have to be visually interesting and unique to capture our visitor's attention. Using eye-weary templates, themes, and free graphics offers no visual differentiation. Using your own graphics that you design does.

Background Magic Boasts These Awesome Features...

checkmark Background Magic, Border Magic, and Button Magic are super easy to use. No graphic skills are required. Even so, we leave nothing to chance, so we have written a comprehensive help file, created a FAQ page, and made video tutorials.

checkmark Background Magic "blends" two seamless background tiles to create a unique background from two. It comes with 200 seamless tiles with more available.

checkmark Slider control lets you choose the blending percentage so you can draw more strength from one image than the other.

checkmark Create intricate patterns, rough and rugged textures, subtle patterns and textures, solid colored images and more. You can also import images to use.

checkmark Apply special effects such as emboss, sharpen, pattern, soften, erode, flip, rotate, and invert. These can be applied to the final image, or to either or both of the two images you're using to blend into a new background.

checkmark Apply color adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, and change the red, green, and blue color levels. These can also be applied to the final image or one or both of the two images you're using to blend into a new background.

checkmark Mark your favorite tiles so you can view only your favorites with a click of a button. Similarly, you can mark tiles to be hidden and can hide them with the click of a button.

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checkmark Create left-border backgrounds from the seamless tiles by simply picking colors and adjusting sliders. You can also create single-color left-border backgrounds (no texture or pattern) if you choose.

checkmark You control the border width on left-border backgrounds. You can add a drop shadow at the border's edge and set the shadow opacity.

checkmark On left-border backgrounds you can choose any color for the main part of the page, or use the background pattern and change the opacity and/or color.

checkmark Preview any background or left-border background tiled across your desktop with the click of a button. Even your icons will be temporarily hidden. Click anywhere to return to the program (with your icons becoming visible again).

checkmark Create buttons from the seamless tiles that match your background creations. You can also create single-color buttons (no texture or pattern) if you choose.

checkmark Create buttons with the text of your choice. Save a "blank" button to import later to make additional buttons later without needing to recreate the background. Blank button sets are also available that you can import and add text to.

checkmark Create buttons with or without a beveled edge. You choose the bevel width and the intensity of the light source.

checkmark Choose any font installed on your computer to use on your buttons. Choose other options like font size, font color, bold, italic, underline, text shadow, shadow direction and color.

Easy and fun.
Place your cursor on a thumbnail for a larger view. Remove it to minimize.

Background Magic Screen Capture
Background Magic Screen Capture

Border Magic Screen Capture
Border Magic Screen Capture

Button Magic Screen Capture
Button Magic Screen Capture

Here's some good news...

You don't have to decide right now if Background Magic is right for you—simply download the trial version and see for yourself. No sign up is required.

Put it through it's paces, take all the time you need and enjoy all the features and see how fun and easy it is to use.

All the features work in the trial version. The only limitation is that the Save button is disabled.

That means you can enjoy all the features to your heart's content, and not have to worry about the program shutting down after X number of days or X number of uses.

Here's some MORE good news...

If you know you want Background Magic, we want to reward you for your decisiveness and help you succeed with your website!

That's why we're including Website Success Tips, our 25-page report stuffed with 70 tips to help you grow your website into the raging success you know it can be.

Try or Buy

You can buy Background Magic below, or download the trial version here. Background Magic has been tested with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Registered users can upgrade from a previous version here.

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Guarantee Yes, this looks great! Finally an EASY way for webmasters to make unique backgrounds and buttons without a steep learning curve and without expensive software!
Background Magic

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Postscript comment Background Magic is the easiest and most enjoyable software you'll find for creating your own unique website backgrounds and buttons. Join thousands of other happy customers and get started today.

Best regards, Signature of Background Magic Creator

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