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Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Is your blog as popular as you'd like?

If you said no, you probably haven't discovered the traffic-pulling keys to developing new and repeat readers.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog is a 50 page PDF ebook designed to transform your blog from one of limited appeal and low readership to one with great appeal and a large and growing number of readers. Here's a sample of what you'll discover:

  • How to get your blog indexed in Yahoo through a back door quickly and easily, without paying the $300 listing fee.
  • The fastest way to get your blog indexed by the big search engines. Hint: It's not by submitting your blog directly to them.
  • How spending 20-30 minutes a day can result in over 1,000 directory listings for your blog in less than a year. Think people can find it then? Wait, it gets even better...
  • How Article Marketing can result in hundreds (or even thousands) of high-quality links that drive traffic directly to your blog and boosts search engine rankings for even more traffic.
  • How almost everyone blows it when it comes to their article's signature file, and how you can turn yours into a traffic pulling powerhouse!
  • Why almost everyone is wasting their time participating in traffic exchanges, and how a simple change in strategy can improve the results.
  • How you can use Ping Tools and RSS Feeds to get rapid response traffic surges for your new blog posts.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog is perfect for anyone with a blog that has few readers, few repeat visitors, or doesn't know how to promote their blog. If you want to step your blog up to the next level, this is must-read content that will quickly get you started in the right direction.

While Driving Traffic to Your Blog doesn't teach how to set up a blog, it should also be read by anyone thinking of starting a blog who wants to get it off the ground as fast as possible.

WARNING! Not everyone can handle growing in popularity gracefully. Be sure you're a well-grounded person before reading this guide to avoid the ballooning ego syndrome.

As you can see it covers a lot of ground. There is no filler or fluff, it's 50 pages of solid content.

A Special Free Gift

As a special gift to you for ordering today, I'm going to include a copy of Writing Effective Blog Titles. No blogger should be without it.

In this brief, straight to the point guide, you'll discover how to write titles for your blog posts that readers can't resist. This is crucial for drawing traffic to your blog from RSS feeds and search engines. When you know how to write traffic-pulling titles the sky is the limit.

If you've already monetized your blog, Writing Effective Blog Titles can help increase what you earn simply because more traffic means more income. These are two resources no blogger should be without.

If you want more people to come to your blog, or if you're planning on starting a blog, you need these two ebooks. The sooner you order, the sooner you can get started increasing your blog's traffic.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Yes Dennis, I want to discover how to make my blog more popular so I'll have more readers.
I also promise I will hold you blameless if my ego swells as my blog traffic increases, so give me your guide, Writing Effective Blog Titles, too...for free!
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PS - Owning this ebook means you'll have a roadmap to follow that will help increase the number of visitors to your blog, but I reserve the right to raise the price without notice. Order today to ensure you own a copy of Drive Traffic to Your Blog at the lowest possible price. You'll also get the guide, Writing Effective Blog Titles, as my free gift to you.

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Develop a Popular Blog

Here's a listing of the content sections:

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Keys to Traffic
  • Section 2: Content
  • Section 3: Getting into the Search Engines
  • Section 4: Traditional Link Building
  • Section 5: Directories
  • Section 6: Article Marketing
  • Section 7: Traffic Exchanges
  • Section 8: RSS Feeds
  • Section 9: Community
  • Section 10: Forums
  • Conclusion
  • Links to Blog Directories

Drive Traffic to Your Blog is a 50-page ebook in PDF format that features traffic pulling tactics that have been tested and proven effective time and time again.

Part of the traffic pulling "magic" depends on you following the simple tactics outined in the ebook, and part of it depends on your skills as a writer and the topics of your blog. There are no tactics that can make a horribly written blog appealing to large numbers of users, just as no one can force you to enjoy reading material that isn't appealing to you.

Of course, you do need to do your part. If you read the ebook and do not apply the traffic pulling tactics, you can't expect to increase your readership.

The title of your blog posts are like the headlines of an advertisement. Writing Effective Blog Titles describes several title styles that have been proven effective through decades of market testing by professional copywriters. Examples of each style are offered so you will have no doubt how each title style works.

Order Drive Traffic to Your Blog today and you'll soon discover workable methods to attract new readers to your blog and keep them coming back for more. Plus, you'll get my guide, Writing Effective Blog Titles as my free gift to you—and I'll include giveaway rights with it so you can share it with your own readers or offer it as a bonus item or contest prize. They'll thank you for that.

Just click the Order Now button to get your own copies of Drive Traffic to Your Blog and Writing Effective Blog Titles. Don't let the competition get a jump on you!

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