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Color Tweaker

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Need help? Here's how to work it...

The color tweaker works by allowing you to change the background color of the page until you find that 'just right' color. You change the background color by clicking the color adjuster buttons. There is a separate set of buttons for each color: red, green, and blue. Here are a few tips...
  • Start with the buttons on left (the positive values) of the color adjuster buttons.
  • The single plus or minus buttons just nudge the page's background color by 1 increment—use these when you have it very close to the color you want. The plus or minus 10 buttons give a bit bigger nudge of 10 increments. The plus or minus 50 buttons jump 50 increments at a time.
  • The RGB numeric value of the colors is displayed the value boxes to the right side of the button controls once you make an adjustment. Each color has a value range from 0 - 255. If the value is at 240 and you click the +50 button nothing will happen. You'd have to click the +10 button once and the +5 button five times to reach the maximum value. Since it starts at the value of zero, you need to start tweaking on the + side buttons.
  • If you make a change you don't like, click the opposite button to counter it. For example, if you clicked the +10 button for green and didn't like the change, click the -10 button for green to counter it.
  • When the page has a background color you want just jot down or copy and paste the hex code in the window under the color machine adjusters.
Just play around with it - it's easier to figure out than it sounds. Have fun, and don't say I never colored your world.
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