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They Are Stealing YOUR Content!

Learn How to Effectively Fight Back Against Web Thieves and Protect Your Intellectual Property

Whether through ignorance of the law or because they just don't respect your rights, or you, content theft is the most common Internet crime—but you don't have to take it anymore! You can fight back, with authority, and at no expense.

Whether you need to protect your works before OR after it's been stolen—you can learn how with Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game: How to Get Your Intellectual Property Removed from the 'Net Without Hiring a Lawyer.

From the Desk of: Dennis Gaskill

Dear Guest,

The sad truth is, if you create good original content, someone will probably steal it. All that effort, the creativity, and the time you take to create original content ... and some jerk comes along and just lifts it to use as their own in seconds.

It's maddening!

You know it's not right. I know it's not right. Most of the time the thief probably knows it's not right, too.

But the thief doesn't care. Not about you. Not about how hard you work. Not about your rights. The thief only wants your content. The thief wants to steal your hard work to make themselves look good ... or often, to earn money from your effort!

That should be YOUR money.

Every single day thousands of innocent, creative, hard working people like you become the victims of intellectual property theft. You may have already had your content stolen but just haven't realize it yet. The type of content being stolen from people like you and me includes, but isn't limited to:

  • YOUR Articles
  • YOUR Web Site Copy
  • YOUR Sales Letter Copy
  • YOUR Ebooks and Reports
  • YOUR Music
  • YOUR Ad Copy
  • YOUR Software
  • YOUR Graphics & Images
  • YOUR Newsletters & Ezines
  • YOUR Photographs

...even entire web sites—layout, graphics, and content—are stolen regularly! It doesn't matter what you produce, if it's good, chances are high someone will steal it.

To make matters worse, when they steal your content they often damage your integrity! You see, when people see your content on other sites, they don't know if you're the creator or the thief, so your integrity is at stake as well as your content.

That's not the only way the thief can damage your reputation. If they steal your product they often promote it with spam. Guess who gets the blame in a lot of people's minds?

Did You Know This?

Did you know your content is copyright protected as soon as you publish it? It's true. You don't have to formally register your works with the Copyright Office. It's better if you do, but it is NOT REQUIRED in order to establish ownership of the work.

In Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game, you'll find every detail about protecting your works before it is stolen, and what to do when it is stolen—even if you haven't done anything to protect it ahead of time. And yes, I did say when, not if, because if it's worth protecting, it will most likely be stolen sooner or later.

How to stop web thieves.

You CAN Fight Back and WIN!

You just need to know the specific steps to take, in what order to take them, where to find what you need, who to contact, and the process for contacting them. You'll find all that and more in Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game.

You'll be taken by the hand and shown what to do in easy to follow, step-by-step simplicity. You even get word-for-word, fill-in-the-blanks samples for you to use built right into the ebook. Just copy and paste the samples, fill in the blanks, and email it.

Less than a week after this ebook was launched, someone I know found three pages of content, taken word-for-word from her website, placed on a site belonging to a church! Never, never think your content is safe if you don't protect it!

Using the exact processes found in this ebook, she had those stolen pages removed in less than 24 hours.

Every Website Owner, Original Content Producer, and Product Creator Needs this Valuable Knowledge

That is, IF you want to protect your work and stop thieves from ripping you off and staining your good name. Here is just some of what you'll discover in How to Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game:
How to set up your intellectual property from the beginning to give you proof-positive it belongs to you and exactly when you created it.

How to find your stolen property on the web—even if you're currently unaware that it has been stolen.

Discover what you should do before you make contact with anyone. The order of your actions are important.

How to find the thief's web hosting company so they can be properly notified of copyright violations by one of their customers.

How to find the web hosting company's service provider in case you need to go over the head of the web host.

You'll be given exactly what to say, just fill in the blanks with your own details. This has been made as easy as possible for you.

What if the thief has his/her own servers? You're covered there too. You'll be shown exactly what to do next.

How to use The Digital Millennium Copyright Act to notify the thief's service provider—even if your thief is located outside of the USA.

How to find the web host's designated agent to receive notification of claimed infringement. You'll also get the exact wording of what to say.

How to contact the thief's payment processor to get his/her ability to take payments shut down. Nothing is left to chance!

You'll discover all that and more in Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game. This is exactly what everyone needs who is concerned about their material being stolen.

It's Never Too Late, but it's Better Not to Wait

If your content or products have already been ripped off you need this ebook now.

If not, don't wait until you find your intellectual property being used and abused by someone else. Keep this report handy so you can move fast when the time arrives. The key to minimizing damage is to be prepared.

If you sell products, you could lose thousands of dollars in a hurry if you don't find and stop the thief quickly. Don't leave your income, integrity, and content security to chance. Discover how to protect what is rightfully yours before it's too late.

Don't Miss the Mark on this One

You should pick up this report right now, even if you don't think you need it right now.


For one thing, you may be the victim of theft and copyright infringement right now and not even know it. This ebook will show you how to find those willing to cause you harm to further their own selfish interests.

Secondly, when the time comes that you need this information, if you don't buy it now you most likely won't remember where you saw it—even if you bookmark it! That's just the way it is for most of us—too many bookmarks and an imperfect memory.

Or, what if something happens to me and I'm gone from the Internet when you need it? If this report is unavailable, you will spend months - and a lot of frustrating trial and error - trying to get the process right.

That's just more grief, frustration, and stress than anyone needs ... not to mention the extra time and energy wasted, and the damage done, when you could have had all the answers you need just a click away, stored and ready on your hard drive.

Without this ebook, you may as well make a gift of your property to the thief!

Compare the Wild Differences in Costs

There are three costs you need to compare before deciding to buy this excellent ebook.
  • If you hire an attorney to do this for you it will cost you roughly $350 an hour.
  • If you let web thieves have their way with your content, the loss in sales could cost you thousands of dollars ... and the harm to your reputation could be even more damaging. Besides, it's just not right. You don't want to be ripped off and be treated like you don't matter. You DO matter!
  • Full disclosure: This is one of the few ebooks I sell that I didn't write. I bought it for my own use. I was so impressed with it I bought the rights to it.

    The original author sells it for $37 and will be raising the price to $67. While her price is $37, I'm selling it for just $27. When she raises her price, I may raise my price, I may not. I haven't decided yet.

Side Note: While I haven't tried this because I already have a business to run, I firmly believe you could use this material to start your own business helping others protect their intellectual property.
The point is, Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game is the most affordable way you'll find to protect your intellectual property. You can't get it from the original author for less, and you won't get my important bonus with it if you did buy it from her, and best of all ... it's very effective!

YES—A Great Free Bonus is Included!

Protect your download products Protect Your Downloads

This fantastic little ebook shows how downloadable products are stolen and how you can easily protect them.

You'll discover how to easily keep thieves and search engines out of the places on your site you want kept secret.

This little gem of an ebook should be in every webmaster's toolbox. It's essential knowledge every product and content creator should be aware of, but unfortunately, many aren't.

Don't be a helpless victim! Order Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game today and put an end to content theft tomorrow.

Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game
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Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

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PS: Remember, with a 30-day money back guarantee the risk is all on me. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Protect what you've worked so hard for ... please do not risk losing it——you deserve better!

Product Summary

Beat Web Thieves at Their Own Game shows you how to protect your products and content, and what to do if someone steals them.

You do not have to suffer in silence, you can get the thieves shut down, and without expensive attorneys.

Please read the main sales page for full details.

See my fancy bottom! :)