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How to Download Images

Downloading images from the Internet is easy. I know, I say a lot of things are easy, but it really is.

...especially compared to do-it-yourself brain surgery.

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Right click on the image.
  2. Choose the 'Save Picture As' option.
  3. In the Dialog Box that pops up, choose which folder to save it in.

In Firefox or Netscape:

  1. Right-click on the image.
  2. Choose the 'Save Image As' option.
  3. In the Dialog Box that pops up, choose which folder to save it in.

Mac users:

  1. Click and hold on the graphic. A pop-up window offers the save option.
  2. Holding down the control key and then click w/mouse, various pop-up menus appear depending on cursor location.
  3. The Microsoft Intellimouse gives full right-click options.
  • Intellectual property is the same on the Internet as it is in other media. That means almost everything is copyright protected. It would be illegal to use whatever images you want in whatever way you want. Be sure you have permission before using someone else's graphics. The legal expenses, fines, and penalties can ruin your life unless you're wealthy—it's not worth it to steal a stupid graphic!
  • Some sites, like this one, have image galleries that offer images you can use legally. The owner still retains the Copyrights, but gives you a conditional and nonexclusive 'license' to use the images. The conditions will be spelled out in the Terms of Use. The copyright holder can revoke this license at any time by notifying you that you may no longer use the images. This would usually only happen if you were found violating the Terms of Use. When in doubt, just ask.
  • Furthermore, you may only use those images in the design of your site, not to build image galleries of your own unless they are public domain. Be careful about public domain images too, the person that says they are public domain may have stolen them or is ignorant of the legalities involved.
  • AOL users may have a problem with a loss of quality when saving images, or with GIF and JPG images being converted to .ART files. Please see my Saving Graphics with AOL page for instructions to correct this problem.
For more information about copyrights and bandwidth theft, please visit my copyrights and bandwidth page.
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