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Automatic Drop Down Menu

This menu will allow your visitor to select a link and automatically go there, no need to click a button. Give the sample menu below a try and see how slick it works. Click your browser's Back Button to return to this page.

Important Code Instruction

The line that starts with...
<select name="surf" 
...and ends with...
...has to be all one line or the code won't work. It will look like three lines in the text area below, but will be on one line when you paste it into your page or text file unless it wraps around. It's OK if it wraps naturally in your text editor, just don't allow any hard line breaks in it.

Just change the links in each option value to make it work for your site. Use the full URL for links leading off of your site.

Note: Internet Explorer users can simply click the first button to copy the code to the clipboard. Other users can click the second button to highlight the code, and then press "Ctrl + C" on your keyboard to copy the code to the clipboard. Press "Ctrl + V" to paste the code into your text file or web page source code.

That's what's on the menu. Don't forget to leave a tip for the wait staff.

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