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eWriter Pro PDF Maker

Making PDF ebooks has always been just out of reach for many because the software was expensive and, even if you did buy it, it was confusing and difficult to learn.

That's why so many ebooks are in Windows .exe format even though that format excludes millions of users who don't run the Windows operating system. Creating a .exe ebook was just easier.

eWriter Pro is changing all that. With eWriter Pro you can easily make PDF files from within the program, or import text files, rich text documents, Word documents, or a web page to make PDF documents from them.

The learning curve is much easier, the program is only $10.00, and you even get Master Resale Rights with it. That means you can sell the software yourself after you buy it, and keep all the profits from your sales. Plus, you can pass on the Master Resale Rights to your customers, which is a very nice selling point.

It comes complete with a sales page you just have to tweak a little. Click here to see the sales page that comes with it, tweaked a little by me for use on my member site.

Requirements: eWriter Pro requires Windows XP or Windows Vista.
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eWriter Pro

Resale Rights Included!

Wow—only $10.00 for this software program and that includes Master Resale Rights!

That means you can sell the software yourself and keep all the money, and give those who buy from you the rights to sell the software . . . that makes it pretty easy to sell to anyone looking for PDF software, and even to others just looking for a new product to add to their line.

It Sells Itself

It may depend on what kind of audience you have, but on this site eWriter Pro sells itself quite easily. That's why I didn't make a typical big, long sales pitch. The extremely low price and Master Resale Rights pretty much do all the selling.

Even if you don't want to sell it, ten bucks is still a pretty low price for any software program, let alone one that can serve as a replacement for a far more expensive PDF creating program.

See my fancy bottom! :)