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Facebook for Business

Wouldn't You Like to Get Your Business on Facebook and Tap Into Over 400 Million Potential Customers?

Even if you just want to get on Facebook as an individual,
Facebook for Business will show you how—easily and safely.

From: Dennis Gaskill

Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide Do you own or represent an online or offline business?

If so, is the business on Facebook?

If it isn't, that business is missing out on the single biggest source of potential customers available today.

According to Business Insider, Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide. Your common sense and business acumen should tell you that's too big of an audience to ignore ... no matter what business you're in.

Smart Business People Position Their Business Where Potential Customers Are Already Already Hanging Out!

It's a lot easier and more profitable to position your business where people already congregate in great quantities than it is to try to draw great quantities of people to you from multiple sources. That's why you'll find all kinds of businesses on Facebook:
  • Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe
  • Clickbank and Paypal
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  • Wal-mart and Target
  • Microsoft and Apple
I could go on and on listing big and small brick and mortar businesses and internet-only businesses on Facebook, but the point is, they aren't stupid. They know how to market their businesses, and so ... they go where the people are already congregating.

While 400 million potential customers should be exciting if you want to grow your business, you must get started correctly or you may as well keep ignoring them.

It isn't hard to get started right, you just need to know what you need to know first, rather than bullrushing into it and making mistakes that will work against your goals.

Getting on Facebook is Step-by-Step Simple with Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide

Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide will walk you through starting a free Facebook account for your business in step-by-step fashion, including LOTS of easy to follow screenshots. Within it's 52 pages you'll discover how to:
  • Keep yourself and your personal information safe and secure
  • Position yourself intelligently to gain authority in your market
  • Take full advantage of up-to-the-minute Facebook changes
  • Avoid nuisances and distractions—without offending your "Friends"
  • Set it up so that you don't have to work hard on Facebook at all
  • Take 5 simple steps to eliminate the hidden risks while keeping the Facebook advantages
  • The difference between Facebook's "New Groups" and "Friend Lists" ...and why an often unrecognized third alternative is the most effective option
  • How to set up your profile so you can reach the people who need to find you
  • Where to find "hidden" Facebook Help pages and links
  • How to post on your Facebook wall
  • How to pull in your blog posts
  • How to pull in your YouTube videos
  • How to find friends and add them
  • How to hide people in your news feed—and why you'd want to

Also included is a sign-up checklist, a privacy checklist (very important), a posting checklist, and a managing friends checklist so you won't make any "forgetful" mistakes.

All that and a 30 Day Money-back Guarantee for just $17.00. Order now.

YES—A Great Free Bonus is Included!

Twitter Tips for beginners Twitter Tips

Twitter is another social media site with millions of users.

Twitter Tips is the perfect companion to the Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide, after all, they're both about positioning your business (or yourself) where millions of people are already socializing.

Twitter Tips will walk you through setting up a free Twitter account, how to customize the look of your Twitter page, advanced tweeting tips (a post on Twitter is called a tweet), and even talks about some interesting and useful third-party Twitter applications.

Cost Effective

Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide is priced low enough that it's a cost effective purchase for everyone. Rather than wasting hours of your time hunting for the information you need, for just $17 you can have everything you need downloaded to your computer just moments from now.

That's smart business—your time is surely worth more than a few dollars per hour. Seriously, you could easily spend 5-10 hours searching for the info in Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide. To spend that much time to save $17 means you did that work for $1.70 to $3.40 per hour—and you still probably won't find everything in this ebook. Isn't your time is worth more than that?

Get Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide and Twitter Tips today to get your business off to the right start ... and positioned where hundreds of millions of people already gather.

Get on Facebook Now!
Satisfaction Guaranteed Yes—I want my business represented where hundreds of millions of consumers gather every day ... who wouldn't!

Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide comes with a rock-solid 30-day money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

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Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide is just $17.00 if you order today. Click the Buy Now button to get YOUR copy!

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PS: Remember, with a 30-day money back guarantee the risk is all on me. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get your business on Facebook today and begin tapping into your share of those 400 million consumers!

Product Summary

Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide shows you how to put your business on Facebook without making the common mistakes that have caused other businesses to have their accounts deleted.

With over 400 million Facebook users, you want to get your business in front of them, but you also need to make sure you set your account up the right way from the start to avoid the inconveniences and risks that can work against your goals.

  • Facebook for Business Easy Start Guide
  • Easy to follow Screenshots
  • 52 pages
  • PDF Format
  • Immediate Download
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