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Font Buddy

Font Buddy is a handy-dandy font utility. Hey, I wouldn't kid you!

If you have too many fonts installed on a Windows computer it will slow down your system. With Font Buddy you can keep a minimum number of fonts installed and "temporarily" install fonts as you need them.

Temporarily installed fonts will be there in all your programs during your current Windows session, then go away when you restart your computer! Genius!

Font Buddy's main features...

  • Temporarily install fonts.
  • Easily preview fonts to find that "just right" one.
  • Print a catalog of selected fonts or all fonts.


Preview your fonts in the text you choose. Not all font viewing programs let you choose the message for your preview. I always thought that was dumb. Why would I want to view a font sample like "ABCDEFG" when I'm looking for the perfect font for the term "Rain Forest." The preview should be relevant to purpose of the font so you'll know EXACTLY what it will look like.

With the Print Catalog feature you can also choose the message to print, or accept the default of printing the alphabet in upper and lower case, plus the numbers. Printing a catalog of your fonts is a great way to have side by side comparisons. You could print your entire font list, or select just the handwriting fonts, or other font style to print style groups. A catalog also lets you can choose the right font for projects when you're away from your computer. I keep a font catalog within reach of my desk.

Font Buddy also lets you choose the font preview size, color, and style (regular, bold, italic, underline, & strike-through).

Changing the font your viewing is as easy as pressing the arrow on your keyboard to go to the next font, or manually select a font from the font list window.

It's so simple...

This program is so useful and simple to use that you'll pop it open every time you want to choose a font for something.

Order today for just $13.00.

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Main Window

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Print Window

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Hey, here's a poem I wrote just for you about Font Buddy.

Font Buddy is nifty
Font Buddy is cool
If you don't buy it
You'll start to drool.

Ha ha! Just kidding. I'm feeling a little loopy tonight. Can you tell?

Seriously though, click here to learn how to get Font Buddy for free.

See my fancy bottom! :)