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Form Trick: Disappearing Text

You should see "" in the form field below. If you click your cursor inside the text box, the sample text should disappear if your browser supports JavaScript, and most do.
Your Email Address:
This allows you to set sample text inside a text box and have it disappear when your visitor clicks inside the text box to type their own input. This saves your visitor the trouble of having to clear your sample text before typing. It's as simple as adding an "on focus" command to your form field:
So, for the above form field, the entire form element is coded like this:
<input type="text" name="email" 
 value="" size="24" 
< The "value" is what will appear inside the text box when the page is loaded. The onfocus value is empty, so when focus is placed in the text box, which is merely the act of the user clicking inside of it, it empties the textbox.

Piece of cake, eh Rumplestiltskin?

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