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Horoscope Script

This script could be used for many things, for this demonstration I've used it as a horoscope motto presenter. You might adapt it to present jokes, puzzles, riddles, lucky numbers, tips, recipes, or anything else your imagination can dream up. Give it a try, look at the motto I created for you according to your astrological sign.

So, you may want to know how to put that to use for your own idea. You'll find the code below, but be forewarned, leave the long lines in tact or the script won't work. It's OK if they wrap naturally in your text/html editor, but don't save it with any hard returns or it's broken city.

To grab the code, right click inside the text box and choose Select All. Right click again and choose Copy. Paste the code into your editor in the appropriate places as noted in the code.

You may use this script as is or alter it for another use as long as the credit in the source code remains in place. The credit doesn't show on the page, people will only see it if they peek at your source code.

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