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HTML DT Tag Tutorial

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The dt tag (definition term) is used with the definition list (dl) and definition description (dd) elements.

A definition term labels a term that the definition description defines.

Here's a simple definition list of odd musical instruments:

The Bubble Organ
The bubble organ is a musical instrument built by Aaron Wendel. It's made out of pieces of old furniture, wood, and rain gutters found in alleys and dumpsters.
The Hank Drum
The Hank Drum was inspired by the Hang Drum, and was invented by Dennis Havlena. It is made from a new (never used) portable propane tank and a bungie cord to dampen the ring.
Invented by Mark Deutsch, the Bazantar is a five-string acoustic bass, fitted with an additional twenty-nine sympathetic strings and four drone strings.

Here's the code for that definition list:

<dt>The Bubble Organ</dt>
<dd>The bubble organ description goes here.</dd>
<dt>The Hank Drum</dt>
<dd>The Hank Drum description goes here.</dd>
<dd>The Bazantar description goes here.</dd>

Did you think I was making up those instruments? Here's a video of the Hank Drum being played by its inventor, Dennis Havlena.

Here are links to short clips of the Bazantar and the Bubble Organ.

» Bazantar
» Bubble Organ

By the way, you can listen to more clips of the bazantar and buy songs from the album "Fool" at CD Baby. The album is a combination of sitar and bazantar music. It's different, in a good way, but not for everyone.

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This concludes the HTML Definition List Tutorial.
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