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HTML Generator

This is a basic HTML generator intended for those who know little about creating web pages but would like a simple one. If you do have some knowledge, you can include html tags such as <b> or <p> tags. Do not include any JavaScript or it will cause an error.

You can skip any parts you don't want to to use, such as a paragraph heading tag or any other part of the form that you don't want use.

- Click Here - for a list of color names.

If you use a hex color, be sure to include the # symbol before the color. Example: #AC493D

Title of Page (Title Bar)
Page Background Color
Text color
Link color
Visited Link color
Top Page Header Text
Introduction Paragraph
Heading for 1st Paragraph

Paragraph 1 of page

Heading for 2nd Paragraph

Paragraph 2 of page

Heading for 3rd Paragraph

Paragraph 3 of page

Heading for 4th Paragraph

Paragraph 4 of page

Below you'll be able to add links. The Link Text is for the words that link to another page. Example: Order Now! or Next.

The Link URL is the web page address of the page or site you want to link to. If it's a page on your site and it's in the same directory you only need the file name and extension. Example: history.html

To link to another web site you need the full address. Example:

Of course, you may skip this part if you don't want to have any links.

Link 1 Text: Link 1 URL:
Link 2 Text: Link 2 URL:
Link 3 Text: Link 3 URL:
Link 4 Text: Link 4 URL:
Link 5 Text: Link 5 URL:

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