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Link Balloons

You can have a short message balloon pop-up when your visitor rests their cursor over a link with this little trick. It's a pretty nifty technique for adding a description or enticement to the link, try it. It goes a lot like this:

Rest your cursor on this mystery link.

Here's how to do it...

<a href="your_link_here.html" 
title="Wow! Isn't that a neat trick? 
I thought you'd agree. Isn't this fun!">YOUR LINK TEXT</a>
It's as simple as adding the title attribute to a normal link, shown in bold text in the example. Rather than have one long message in your balloon, hit the carriage return (enter key) whenever you want a new line to start. This trick won't work in all browsers, but it will in most and doesn't have an adverse in those that don't recognize it.

This feature was originally included as an accessibility feature for challenged individuals. But then, aren't we all challenged in one way or another? I have a little voice in my head that challenges me all the time.

"Dennis, stop drooling."

"Dennis, you haven't had a bath this month. Go take one."

"Dennis, put your brain back in your head. You know it dries out when you leave it on the counter."

Um . . . yeah. Little voices. They tell me what to type, too.

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