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If Your Sales Pages Aren't Stuffing Your Pockets with Cash, Then I Have Good News For You...

No matter how bad (or good, for that matter) your sales copy is, you'll discover how to make it better with...

Sales Letter Secrets

Sales Letter Secrets
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Why is it some folks can write sales copy and the money starts pouring in, while others struggle mightily to get a few sales a week?

It's frustrating, disappointing, and discouraging to say the least.

Been there, done that ... and found my way out of the "slow sales" dead zone.

If your sales copy could use more persuasive, sales-pulling power, you have found the exact help you need—guaranteed!

Let me roll back the years of time and tell you a very quick story...

When I made my first product and wrote the sales page for it I was filled with anticipation. When that first order came in the same day I probably registered a "10" on the happy meter!

I thought, WOW, I really can make money online! :)

But that fast first sale was a fluke. A week or so went by before I got another order. People were visiting the sales page but not buying.

My excitement and happiness jumped on the next bus out of town.

To make a long story short, my sales copy wasn't persuasive. It sounded typically "salesy" like other sales letters I'd seen, but as I learned, that wasn't such a good thing. I imitated bad examples.

Imitating bad sales letters only results in creating another bad sales letter—only this time, it was mine.

So I picked up some books on copywriting and studied the best of the best. That was over 10 years ago, but I continue to study copywriting even today because one fact is clear:

The better my sales copy is, the more money I make.

Let me put it another way ...

The better YOUR sales copy is,

I even bought one course that sells for $695.00. That's a lot for one course, but you have to understand something ... copywriting is the one big difference maker for anyone selling online.

You could earn stacks of money like this as your sales letters improve. The effectiveness of your sales copy determines how much money you get to stuff into your bank account.

Successful copywriters understand what works and what doesn't work. You can have that same understanding.

Do you want to know the real secret to writing sales-producing copy?

Every good copywriter's secret is psychology!

You see, it's not only what you say, but how you say it that persuades people to buy.

When you understand the psychology behind human buying behavior you have a powerful secret weapon to use.

You don't have to be a master of psychology though—these are strategies anyone can use because they are spelled out in Sales Letter Secrets.

Please understand ... this isn't about cold-hearted manipulation, it's about winning customers through knowing their wants and needs and showing them how your product gives them what they really want.

You're actually doing your prospects a favor by telling them the truth about your products using words that matter to them.

Copywriting IS the Magic Bullet

Do you know why few people who buy a "make money" course don't come close to getting the same kind of big results as the person selling the course?

There are many reasons, of course, but the common thread is that the person selling the course has better sales copy.

Few will tell you that though. Why?

By selling you one piece of the puzzle at a time in a product and profit chain, they make a lot more money. But if you can turn words into dollars you don't need them anymore. You can create your own cash pumping profit chains, but that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Copywriting Skills Boost All Your Writing Efforts

If you use words to persuade, and we all do, then discovering the keys to successful copywriting will improve your:
  • sales copy
  • article marketing
  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • emails
  • autoresponder messages
  • ebooks
  • classified ads
  • PPC ads
  • ad swaps
  • joint venture proposals
  • affiliate product pre-sells
  • audio scripts
  • video scripts
  • web content
  • offline marketing
  • viral reports
  • squeeze pages

You can even be more persuasive in person—understanding psychological triggers is that powerful. Being more persuasive helps you to gain allies both personally and professionally.

People will enjoy reading your words more, they will stay on your website longer, and you'll win more people to your point of view.

And, you'll sell more products so you'll make more money ... even if you're not a good copywriter now.

In short, solid copywriting skills can improve every aspect of your sales and promotional efforts, online or offline.


Sales Letter Secrets Copywriting Book

This may well be the only copywriting book you'll ever need. Written especially for web page sales letters, here's a little preview of what's inside:

  • Discover the secrets to writing headlines that compel people to read your sales copy.
  • How to ensure what you're selling is what people want—get this right and your sales copy practically writes itself.
  • Find out how to create the best products—get this right and your products practically sell themselves.
  • Forget chasing those "here today, gone tomorrow" gimmicks ... what you'll learn in Sales Letter Secrets are timeless strategies that always work because they are based on human psychology.
  • Discover the psychological triggers that arouse favorable emotions in your prospects.
  • How to zero-in on exactly what your target audience wants. Do this and you'll create a product your prospects want every time.
  • Discover how to write bullet points so powerful they suck in readers like a human vortex.
  • Discover how to create a "hidden in plain sight" subconcious sales message within the main sales message.
  • How a certain kind of offer can increase your profits ... even if no one buys it. In fact, it's better if they don't!
  • Find out how decoy pricing works to increase the sales of higher priced products.
  • Discover the most important skill for a copywriter. Hint: it isn't writing! Everyone possesses this skill, few use it well in this context.
  • The quickest way to write best-selling, sales-producing copy.
  • What a good copywriter really is—when you know this surprising fact, you're WAY ahead of the pack.
  • Every copywriter knows to extol the benefits rather than the features, but few fully understand the depth of any product's true benefits. You'll be one of the few.
  • The difference between features and benefits are finally explained so you can instantly know the difference.
  • Discover what primal benefits are—grasp this and you have the proverbial keys to the kingdom.
That barely touches the surface.

You'll Write Sales Exploding Copy
with these Proven Strategies

No one crafts a perfect sales page right out of the gate. Sales Letter Secrets shows you how to improve any sales page, old or new. You can take poor sales pages and make them good. You can take good sales pages and make them great.

Imagine taking a sales page that converts at 1% and improving it to 5% or 10% ... what would making 5 to 10 times as much money from the same amount of traffic mean to you?

Think beyond the sales page ... imagine how much more money you will make if all your marketing components are optimized for maximum profits.

Is Sales Letter Secrets for Everyone?

If you sell online or off, or want to, or if you're responsible for writing or improving sales copy, then Sales Letter Secrets is for you. You CAN write good sales copy because I've cracked the code for you.

My last three jobs before I started my online business back in 1997 was a web designer, a factory worker, and a security guard. Nothing special. You don't have to be "special" to succeed.

You just have to know what works, and you'll get that in Sales Letter Secrets.

If you can string a few sentences together like you'd write to a friend, you can succeed with what you'll discover in Sales Letter Secrets.

The first half of the book lays out the foundation of copywriting. The second half is about the psychology behind best selling sales copy.

Elmer Hurlstone The last seventy-something pages is where this book really gets sexy. There is some deep thinking about your market and how to best identify with and reach it.

I have no idea how much I've invested in copywriting books over the years, suffice it to say, lots. Some are better than others, this one is top tier.

- Elmer Hurlstone, Tampa, FL

The "sexy" part Elmer was talking about is what I call Mind Alchemy. It's very powerful. Mind Alchemy is what separates those who just get by from those who really rake in the dough. What would multiplying your income by simply writing better sales copy mean to you?

  • Would you take more time off to spend with your family?
  • Would you use the extra money to finally get out of debt?
  • Would you reinvest in your business to grow it even bigger?
  • Would you bask in the respect your newfound success would bring?
  • Would you put money aside for your children's college education?
  • Would you buy that nice new car you deserve, or a new house?
  • Would you travel, finally enjoying those places you've always wanted to see?
Hint: When your sales copy opens the floodgates to more orders, the extra money opens up many options that you're probably not used to having.

Pick Cash from the Money Tree with Sales Letter Secrets

It's Your Opportunity to Pick Gobs of Cash from the Internet Money Tree!

The path to increased sales and profits is rarely so clear as this one.

Many people spend $50,000 or more on a college degree and never earn a 6-figure yearly income. Sales Letter Secrets is just $67. If you master what it teaches, you could earn a 6-figure income and you won't have to go deep into debt to get there.

You are minutes away from discovering the sales letter secrets that can transform your words into dollars ... more dollars than you're used to.

I'm not stopping there though. It's one thing to write sales-pumping copy, but a smart business person knows how to turn one sale into a chain of sales. That's why I'm including Profit Chains at no extra charge.

Get Profit Chains for FREE with Sales Letter Secrets! Special FAST ACTION FREE Bonus

Sales Letter Secrets shows you how to write copy that sells, and Profit Chains shows you how to "chain" sales together to increase the lifetime value of each customer. Act now and I'll include Profits Chains for FREE.

Profit Chains is the perfect complement to Sales Letter Secrets. You'll discover the 10 different profit chains I use to sell more products. If you're not using several of these profits chains in your business right now, you're leaving a lot of money behind.

If Your Future Depends
Your Ability to Sell...'d be short-changing yourself to undervalue the importance of Sales Letter Secrets and Mind Alchemy. Look, if you sell online, whether your own products or affiliate products:
  • The more persuasive you are the more you sell.
  • The more you sell the more money you make.
  • The more money you make, the MORE MONEY YOU MAKE!

Isn't that the point of being in business for yourself—to make money?

You see, it really is deceptively simple. To sell more, write better sales letters. To write better sales letters, get Sales Letter Secrets today!

Karl Warren I'd recently started working on increasing my copywriting skills, grabbed a couple of starter guides - but this ebook is my new copywriting bible...

I'm excited about incorporating my new knowledge into my business. All that's left to say is THANKS, you have a hit on your hands.

- Karl Warren
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Sales Letter Secrets
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