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How to Build and Sell Websites

Build a Business or Just Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

If You Can Make a Simple Website, You Can Make Money Selling It Without Working for Someone Else or Cold-Calling on Businesses!

Sell Websites You Make for Extra Money

A common way people try to make money designing websites is to start calling on local businesses to find clients.

If you do get in to talk to the decision-maker, you still have to persuade them to buy.

If you don't make the sale, you've just wasted your time and energy trying . . . and not earned one thin dime for your effort.

Another common attempt at being a paid web designer is to fill out application after application looking to get hired. For every person that does get hired, dozens more don't.

In either case, it's discouraging.

There is a better way...

Imagine creating websites in your leisure time, designing them the way you want, and selling them to eager buyers who are actively looking for websites to buy.

Sound good? I've got the blueprint you need!

How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites will show you how to build and sell websites that bring in around $25 - $50 for a quick and easy "bare bones" site you make, on up to $500 or more for sites with a few assets you can easily add.

Hint: With the bare bones sites, you can create a template and just change the colors and header and have a new site ready to sell in less than an hour.

Set Your Price or Take Bids

Below is a screen capture from one of the auction sites where you can sell your websites...

Auction Your Websites

Those auctions are from the "ending soon" page. Looking at auctions in the early stages doesn't give a true picture because most auctions start slow and heat up toward the end as interested buyers start competing against each other to get what they want.

The first and last auctions in that screen capture are for the domain name only—there is no website that comes with them.

The first domain name has two bids with a high of $30. The second domain name has 28 bids with a high bid of $506.

I've got to be honest . . . there were also domain names for sale that had no bids. In most cases it wasn't hard to see why—domains with personal names in them, random letters before a keyword, too many words in the name and things like that.

While this guide is primarily about building and selling websites, you'll also discover how to find good domain names.

Of those two websites for sale in the screen capture, one has one bid for $97 and the other has 13 bids with a high of $125.

Again, honesty matters, so it's only right to tell you there were websites for sale that had no bids at all. Often that's because the seller puts too high of a minimum bid on it.

There were also several websites with substantially higher bids. I'm not going to divulge what the most succesful auctions have sold for because those results are not typical.

The point is, there's good money to be made in building and selling websites. If you combine a decent looking website with a good domain name it can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars—especially if you add some original content or other assets.

Yes, I also cover the assets that increase the value of your website in this guide.

Why Do Some Websites Sell While Others Do Not?

Yes, there is good money in this, very good money, but here's the caveat...

The key to making sales is in knowing how to create sites that other people want to buy. And that's exactly what you'll discover inside this guide. Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to come up with ideas for profitable websites.
  • How to quickly and easily build these websites, even if you have limited web design skills.
  • How to create ad listings that generate plenty of bids and high selling prices.
  • Where to list your site for the best exposure.
  • How to find good domain names for yourself or to resell (with or without an accompanying website).

This is a no-pressure way to make money designing websites because there are no client deadlines or demands to meet. You build the sites to your own satisfaction, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and then sell them when you're ready.

You can sometimes pick up even more money customizing the sold sites, but it's up to you if you want to offer that as an add-on service after the sale.

If you wanted to go "all in" you could get a low cost reseller hosting account and offer hosting as well. Hosting, of course, would be recurring income.

There's plenty of money to be made whether you offer add-on services or not.

How Much Money Can You Make?

I don't know you, so obviously I can't predict how much money you can make. It would be unethical for me to pretend I could. The truth is, it's possible you won't make any. It's also possible you could make a lot.

The money is out there. Lots of people are making lots of money every single day doing this.

Do you want it?

If so, I'll make it easy for you. Your investment is just $17. It's an investment in yourself. You can earn that back and more on your first sale. Order below to get started right away.

 How to Build and Sell Turnkey Websites 
Guarantee Yes, count me in!
I understand I'll get immediate access to download the product and that I also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Buyer Friendly Price—just $17!

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PS There aren't many income opportunities with this much potential that you can start at such a low cost. Remember that old saying . . . if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. If you want more, it only takes one small, risk-free step to get started down the path to more money—order now and get started today!

What will you do with the extra money? Save it for a rainy day? Put it in the kids college fund? Take a great vacation? Put it toward your mortgage? Buy a car? Boat? Motorcycle? It's your choice, but nothing happens if you don't take action! The sooner you get started the sooner you'll start making sales.

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