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The Best of Almost a Newsletter

After a fellow receives enough emails that say about the same thing from his newsletter subscribers, sooner or later he gets the message. That's what The Best of Almost a Newsletter is about—it's was created because of popular demand from my ezine subscribers who wanted what they'd missed out on before they subscribed.

This ebook features the best web design articles and HTML tutorials from the first seven years of Almost a Newseletter. It's packed with great web design info, as you will see if you glance over the Table of Contents.

Not to brag, but...

...a publisher doesn't just call you up out of the blue and ask you to write a book for them unless you're a little bit good at teaching through the written word—and that's exactly what happened to me. The Best of AAN features much of the material that led to my print book, Web Site Design Made Easy. The book is used as the teaching text in hundreds of high schools, colleges, and tech schools nationwide. It's even used in a few foreign countries.

The material in the ebook is nicely updated and packaged in a handsome design that makes learning fun.

Yes, I did say fun. Learning doesn't have to be boring. I've sprinkled in plenty of humor and hidden pages to keep the material from being dry and boring, and with my teaching style, the material is never any more technical than necessary.

Free Bonus!

If you buy the Best of Almost a Newsletter before I'll toss in a free copy of Script Buddy. With Script Buddy you can generate the code for 27 different scripts. Spamproof your email link, make flying text, create a dynamic title bar, create a picture a day feature that changes images automatically, and much more.

Now, I don't want to mislead you, I may extend that deadline or change the free bonus—but then again, I may not. This special introductory offer could end at any time, and will end sometime.

The Best of Almost a Newsletter, Webmaster Edition is only $19.00, and don't forget, that includes Script Buddy. That's a very reasonable price considering the 100+ hours of work that went into it. I did all this work for you for less than 25 cents an hour, now that's a real bargain!

PS - The Best of Almost a Newsletter and Script Buddy are downloadable digital products made for Windows. You'll receive the download instructions as soon as I process your order. You'll usually have it within 24 hours, but please allow two business days in case I take a day off.
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The Best of Almost a Newsletter Click the image to view the Table of Contents

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The Question   The Answer
What is the meaning of life?   Ice Cream!
That's just one of the many nifty things you'll learn in the Best of Almost a Newsletter.

People Loved This Trick

When I first built this site (in 1997), one of the first gimmicks I came up with was to place a graphic on my home page that said 'Tickle Me' on it.

People would expect to click the graphic to find out what the tickle me bit was about, but they got a surprise instead. Go ahead and 'tickle' my musician graphic.

Did you try it? It's a little goofy, but people really loved it! I got email just about every day asking how I did it. Put it in an out of the way place if you use it so doesn't become annoying by being in the way. That's another of the tutorials in the Best of Almost a Newsletter.

Don't Delay

If you're thinking of getting The Best of Almost a Newsletter, be advised that the price has always been $27.00. I lowered the price when I redesigned my site, but I may raise the price back to $27.00 at any time.

It seems odd, but sometimes things sell better at a higher price. Take my graphics CD for example, it sold a lot better at $24.95 than it did at $14.95, and I got a more compliments from the people that paid more than from the people that paid the lower price.

It's all about perceived value. If this sells better at $19.00 than at $27.00 I'll keep it at $19.00, but if sales drop off I'll raise the price back up. So if you wait, it may be $8.00 higher the next time you see it.

See my fancy bottom! :)