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Script Buddy

Script Buddy is a handy JavaScript code generating webmaster's utility. With Script Buddy you can easily generate the code for 27 different scripts to enhance your web site. Script Buddy will generate the code for all these scripts:

  • Blur Text
  • Multiple Search Engine Search Box
  • Page Fade-in
  • Flying Text
  • Alerts on Page Load or Unload
  • Spam-proof email addresses
  • Numbers Countdown
  • Page Refresh or Redirect
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus Search
  • Exit Windows
  • Auto-open and close Pop-up Window
  • Jumping Text
  • Link Status Bar Message
  • Typing in Status Bar
  • Status Bar Wipe
  • Dynamic Title Bar
  • Daily Image Rotation
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • No Right-click code
  • Expanding Pop-up Window
  • Random Page Links
  • Browser Information
  • Referrer
  • Status Bar Write and Slide
  • Confirm Page Entry
  • Welcome Cookie
  • Marquee

It's soooo HANDY!

You'll never have to go searching the web for these scripts again. You can have this handy utility on your PC ready for anytime you need a quick script. Save time, effort, and frustration by keeping this must-have webmaster tool right on your PC for any time use.


The big surprise about this tool is that I'm practically giving it away! It's only $11.00 - better grab it now before I come to my senses and raise the price!
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Click Here for a Screenshot

Click the screenshot for an example of the expanding window Script Buddy creates. You can control the speed the window expands at by increasing the default number. The code tells you how.


Click here to learn how to get Script Buddy and other select software for free.
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