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Site License

Thank you for your interest in obtaining site license for graphics use. A site license is offered in lieu of web sites that do not want to offer a link back to this site as a courtesy for using graphics from my graphics archive.

A site license is for:

  • The webmaster or owner of a commercial site.
  • A web designer developing a commercial site for a third party.
  • A web designer developing any site (commericial or not) for a third party in which they are receiving any form of compensation.
  • Any web designer that does not want to display a link back to this site in exchange for use of graphics from the graphics archive.

A site license includes:

  • A non-exclusive right to use any images in my free graphics area in the design of the licensed site.
  • The right to return at any time to get new images for a redesign or site addition. No additional fees are required and you need not notify me. If your site is in my licensed list, it's good.
  • Lifetime use as long as they remain a licensee in good standing.

A site license does NOT include:

  • The right to create a publicly accessible image archive from my image archive.
  • The right to create an image archive within a members-only area from my image archive.
  • The right to include my images in any format intended for distribution, whether for profit or not for profit, other than as outlined here.
  • The right to use my images on multiple sites. A site license is good for the one site that is registered for the site license. Multiple-site licenses are available at an additional $10.00 per site.


Non-profit groups, active duty military men and women, military veterans, veterans groups, and educational institutions are not required to purchase a site license, but notification of use is kindly requested. Please visit my contact page to notify me.

How to purchase a site license:

To purchase a site license using a Visa or MasterCard, click the button below to add it to your shopping cart. Click Here for information about ordering by mail and a printable order form. Include the web address of site you're purchasing the site license for in the Comments field of the order form or with your postal mail order form.
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