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Free Ebooks

Reasons for Hope box image
Reasons for Hope
This wonderful free ebook is compilation of 23 great stories by 17 different writers, with each story offering reasons to have hope in a troubled world.

You'll find hope, inspiration, and many beautiful thoughts in this 71 page beauty.

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How to Choose a Good Website Host How to choose a host box image
Choosing a good website host can be hard, even for veteran webmasters. Beginners...well, unfortunately beginners usually count on good luck rather than solid reasoning. How to Choose a Good Website Host will help you find a good host without counting on luck.

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Self-confidence box image Some of us weren't born into circumstances that inspired self-confidence. That's unfortunate, but we don't have to be a victim of our past.

Confidence is a free ebook that will teach you how to become more self-confident so you can enjoy life more and experience more success.

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The Ultimate Supertip
Self-confidence box image Harvey Segal found a way to combine a basic marketing technique with a new viral twist that you've probably never seen before, and it's incredibly clever!

In The Ultimate Supertip, you'll discover Harvey's secret, and how you can make money giving away this ebook. It's free, you've got nothing to lose, and I've made hundreds and hundreds of dollars just giving this ebook away. You can too, discover how now.

The download link will open in a new window. You'll be downloading the latest version directly from Harvey, and he doesn't even ask for your name or email address.

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Crazy Emails
Self-confidence box image I've received some pretty wild and crazy emails since I came online with this site in 1997. Crazy Emails is a small collection of some of the craziest. They're funny, but in an odd way.

From Captain Ding to The Rancid Poet, you'll shake your head in amazement that anyone would bother writing emails like this. Hey, you might even laugh at a few of them!

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How to Start Your Own Hosting Company for Free!
Self-confidence box image If you think this is a joke, think again. You really can start your own hosting company for absolutely zero cost! I do recommend you pop for a domain name though, so you might want to sink a whole $10 into your business!

Someone else will do all the "dirty work" like tech support and billing. It only takes a couple hours to be up and running. This ebook explains it all. Need convincing? You could read the ebook, after all, it's free; or take a look at the hosting company I set up.

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Traffic Generation Tactics
viral traffic generation tactics This free ebook offers an overview of 18 different traffic generation tactics that have the potential to go viral.

Most of these tactics are free or very low cost. I've supplied the tactics, you supply the ideas, and you may start a viral traffic storm to your website. Even if your attempts don't go viral, you'll still be able to start multiple traffic streams that can really add up.

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What Can You Do With These Ebooks?

Here are the very generous terms of use:
  • Read them and enjoy!
  • Give it away! Let your visitors download it from your own website or blog.
  • Add them to a free or paid membership site.
  • Use them as a free bonus product with products you sell.
  • Use them as an incentive for joining your mailing list.
  • Email it to friends and family (but please do not spam)

Check Back Soon!

I will be adding to this collection regularly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see what new free ebooks have been added.

Coming soon...

  • The Big Fun Puzzle Book
  • Twitter Tips
  • How to Make Your Own MySpace Layouts
  • Card Tricks
  • ...and who knows what else!

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