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Make Money

Would you like to make money online?

I earn my living online. I don't say that to brag—I just want you to know that making money online really is possible. Lots of people, like me, are earning a good, full-time income online. Others are using the internet to supplement their regular income.

You can make money working from home too!

Making money with a home internet business is not about luck, it's a matter of knowing what to do and then doing it.

I started out in 1997 using the internet to earn extra money. By 1999 I was working from home full-time. It's great working for yourself, and I'm a terrific boss—I give me lots of days off! :)

Listed below are a few of the ways I'm cashing in from this web site and other sites I own. They're not the only ways I'm living off the net, but this is what I have written up so far.

How to Make Money Online

» SEO for YOU
If you want to make money from a web site, that web site needs to be found in the search engines . . . unless you want to buy traffic. Buying traffic seriously cuts into your profits!

You can have the greatest products in the world, but if your web site isn't set up right it won't rank well. If your site doesn't rank well, few potential customers will find it, and so, you won't make any significant money.

SEO for YOU is search engine optimization for ordinary, everyday people.

  • Discover how to optimize your web site for your products and content.
  • Discover which search terms people are really using as it relates to your products and content—and this area is full of surprises!
  • Even if your site has a first page ranking, why would someone click your link over the others? Discover how to draw those searchers to your web site like the real SEO pros do.
Any home business plan should begin with learning true search engine optmization. It not only helps your site rank better, but you'll also learn enough about your potential customer's search habits that you'll be able to position your product better in the marketplace. That can be the difference between success and failure.

SEO for YOU isn't just search engine optimization—it's also about using proven business tactics that will help you succeed.

» eBook Farming
Most of the money I make online is from selling information products. I write and sell ebooks. Most of mine are about web design and marketing, but you can make money on almost any topic.

Ebooks are perfect products because they're easy to create and deliver, have a high perceived value, and don't require any inventory or shipping. They are pure profit! The sales can also be automated so you can keep most of your free time for yourself.

Let's say you spend 40 hours creating an ebook and another 10 hours setting up a web site for it. To keep the math easy, let's say you sell it for $20 (mine range in price from $17 to $97). If you sell just 100 copies you've made $2,000. You just made $40 per hour.

Each additional copy you sell means you make that much more per hour for your initial 50 hours of time. There aren't many jobs where you get pay raises for work you did in the past! That's what I love about making money selling ebooks—your pay per hour keeps increasing over time!

I wrote my first ebook in 2001, and I'm still selling it today. I've sold hundreds of copies at $39.95 and hundreds more at $27 after lowering the price when the competition grew. At an average price of $33, 500 copies sold is $16,500, but I've sold more than 500 copies.

It doesn't stop there, that's just one income stream. Once you know the ropes you can create more income streams by making more ebooks. Imagine having a dozen or two dozen ebooks or more all pulling in money to you.

Anyone that can read and write can do this.

In eBook Farming you'll learn how to research, write, create and sell ebooks. Right now I'm teaching an online class of 30 students how to do what I teach in eBook Farming. They paid $77 each to attend my online class, but eBook Farming is just $27. That's not a bad price at all for something that teaches you how to make money online.

» How to Get Paid to Write Articles
This doesn't have the potential to make as much money as eBook Farming in the near term, but the end results can be quite good.

This isn't about submitting articles to a normal article directory. That strategy is for gaining links and improving search engine rankings. This is about building a recurring income by writing articles, publishing them at commercial repository, and getting paid for them each time someone purchases reprint rights to one of your article.

Since it didn't take long to write this special report, it's a very low cost way to get started making money online—and you don't even need your own web site! You can earn your money back with your first sale.

» Easy Web Site Money
You won't get rich off these three ideas, but this special report is only $10 so it isn't hard to make your money back and then some.

In it, I show you how I earn anywhere from $120 to $340 a month on autopilot—but it's usually toward the lower end of that range. You do need a web site for two of the three methods. One can be used in a signature file for your email, forum posts, blog comments, and wherever else you might make comments where you can include a signature.

You don't even need your own products. Two of the three methods involve very simple, but often overlooked, ways of earning affiliate commissions. The third method can be used with your own products or affiliate products. Once set up, which only takes 2-3 hours for most people, it's easy money.

The more traffic your site has the better these methods work. Sites with very little traffic probably won't make more than an ocassional commission.

» The Incredible Money Book
Just as important as making money, is making the money you have go farther.

In The Incredible Money Book you'll discover not only many little "penny-pinching" tricks that will help you save big bucks, you'll also discover the benefits of goal setting, long term financial planning, budgets and budget busters, how to identify your bad spending habits, how to save on gasoline, the top ten most common shopping mistakes and much more.

Paying less for things is like giving yourself a raise.

More to come...

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