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The Incredible Money Book

Financial Common Sense for a Lifetime of Savings

What's the next best thing to getting a big boost in your income? Finding ways to save big bucks so the money you have will go much farther!

With The Incredible Money Book, you'll learn:

  • Where you waste far more money than you realize.
  • What your unconscious spending triggers are.
  • How to maximize the gas mileage your car gets.
  • What millionaires do to build wealth that you probably don't.
  • How to Save Money on big-ticket items, as well as on small things.
  • How to gain complete control over your finances.
  • Why big tax refunds work against you.
  • How to save thousands of dollars on your mortgage.
  • How to find restaurants where kids eat free.
...and much, much more!

Learn how making small, painless changes today can save you tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime. You don't want to keep wasting that money, do you?

You'll find all sorts of money-saving tips, handy printer friendly worksheets, freebies (including where to find 21 of the best free software programs available), discounts, and youll learn how you can spend a lot less on things so you have more leftover for yourself.

There's a sample article from the ebook in the sidebar of this page, but be aware that the content of this ebook is greatly varied. There are articles like that one, and many more articles and tips that are quite different.

If you implement just one or two of the tips in this ebook it will save you well beyond the purchase price. Frankly, if you don't buy it, you must have money to throw away. Congratulations if that's you, let me know where you're going to be so I follow you around and pick up after you!

In all seriousness, if you want the money you make to go farther, you simply must buy this eBook. Every day you wait is another day you're losing money, and every day you lose money means that much less money you'll have in the future.

Click the button above to buy The Incredible Money Book at the low price of just $17.00. You'll find ways to save at least that much money every month. The longer you wait, the more money you're wasting!

Note: This is a downloadable digital product for the PC. You'll receive the download instructions as soon as I process your order. You'll usually have the download instructions within 24 hours, but please allow two business days in case I take a day off (It's nice working for yourself!).

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Table of Contents

The Incredible Money Book

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Sample Article: Companion Shopping

Friends are a wonderful thing to have, and not just for friendship. They can help you save money too.

A friend of mine and I had decided to take up golfing. After several outings we decided we liked the game enough to stick with it, but we really didn't want to keep renting clubs since the rentals were in poor shape and usually missing several clubs. Besides, we reasoned it would take longer to become proficient at the game if we were using different clubs each time we golfed.

So, we went shopping! After a few stops we both found a set we liked at a price we liked at the same store. As we were talking to the salesman, my friend says, "If we both buy a set of clubs from you, will you give us a 25% discount?"

The salesman didn't even flinch. He countered with a 15% discount, so I said make it 20% and you've got a deal.

We walked out with new clubs at 20% off.

When you can take a second person with you and you're both looking at something a little bit pricey, you can often make a deal like this. It's pretty hard for a salesman to resist making two big sales at once.

You needn't both be looking for the same item either. Maybe you're at a furniture store and your friend wants a new bed and you need a new sofa...a deal can be made. Or maybe your friend wants a TV and you want a stereo. That's a go.

Thinking outside the box like this means you can get better deals than those who remain inside the box and make their choices from a more traditional set of options. Remember, if it's your money, you get to make the rules for how you spend it. Many merchants will be happy to bend their rules to win a sale, and especially to win two sales at once!

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