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How to Get Paid to Write Articles

Get paid to write articles. Did you know you can write one article and sell it multiple times? Now imagine selling dozens of articles multiple times!

If you enjoy writing, my special report, How to Get Paid to Write Articles, can show you how to build a residual income writing and selling articles without looking for work and without direct sales.

Forget about chasing freelance job after freelance job, that's too much work for too little reward. Wouldn't you rather just write?

With what you discover in my special report, you will know:

  • Where to place your articles so they can be sold over and over. You could earn money for weeks, months, and even years to come. That beats getting paid once for one article and then trying to find another writing gig, doesn't it?
  • Write about what you want to write about and let the buyers come to you. You don't even need a web site. Of course, there's no guarantee your articles will sell—maybe you can't write any better than a fish can bake cookies—but it can and does happen for others. Why not you, too?
  • Discover a simple way to choose topics that give you the best chance of bringing in premium prices. Why not write articles that sell for twice as much (or more) than other writers get because they don't know how to choose premium subject matter?
  • Discover how to write article titles that draw qualified readers into your article like a moth to a flame. If you don't know these simple methods for writing effective titles you could be leaving money on the table.
  • The top selling article writer has sold over 2,200 articles so far, and one requested article sold for $1,980.00! Now, that is the top selling writer, but I wanted to show you the enormous potential. Follow my very simple plan and you could be on your way to a great residual income, too.
  • Need an expert opinion to give your article credibility? In this special report you'll discover several ways to get an expert to volunteer his or her opinion.

    Hint: Where appropriate, adding an expert opinion can boost the price of an article and make it more attractive to buyers. It could be the difference in your article being placed in the regular content or the premium content area. Premium content brings premium prices. :)

If getting paid to write articles interests you at all, you'll benefit from How to Get Paid to Write Articles. Even professional writers will discover my plan for building recurring income from repeat sales. A good article can sell any number of times.

Recurring income is the best kind!

I'm sure by now you've figured out these aren't called special reports so I can charge premium prices for them. They are special reports because I've priced them so everyone can afford them—just $7 each.

I thought you'd like that.

Don't think that because a special report is concise and low priced that it lacks value—the exact opposite is true. It's 19 pages of pure value. It's easily worth at least double that price, plus I'm include a valuable free gift that is the perfect companion to How to Get Paid to Write Articles.

I'm Piling on the Value for You!

As a special gift to you for ordering today, I'm going to include a copy of Writing Effective Article Titles. No writer should be without it.

In this brief, straight to the point guide, you'll discover how to write titles for your articles that draw readers in like flies through an open window.

Honestly . . . when you sell your first article you'll get back your tiny investment and probably make a profit to boot. Everything after that first sale is profit. If you'd like to earn money writing, I've tried to make this offer as much of a no-brainer as I can.

Remember, you don't even have to make the sales or worry about getting traffic ... all you have to do is write. Is there really much to think about?

How to Get Paid to Write Articles
Yes, Dennis! I appreciate the low cost and want this special report.
I do understand that selling articles will depend on my writing ability.
Just $7.00 if you order now.

PS - Owning this PDF special report means you'll have a simple plan to follow that can result in selling the same articles over and over again to build residual income. If you can write reasonably well and follow the simple plan, it really can happen for you too.

PPS - To help you to succeed as much as possible, you'll also get the guide, Writing Effective Article Titles, as my free gift to you.

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Customer Comments

Wow! You really pack a lot into a 19 page report. I like your writing style. It's easy to read and understand. You cover so many aspects of writing and marketing that most people or other authors don't seem to think of.

It's teaching: real teaching, not just saying how to write. To make us know that you care is a skill that many writers do not have. The psychology of writing is very important indeed. This report feels very complete even in this short format.
- Eugene O'Neill

Dennis, you do a great job of suggesting a way to get paid to write articles. You not only suggest a way, but fill in the blanks and tell exactly how to get started and keep going. It's a short report, but meaty in content! Thanks!
- Craig Hardee
I arrived home rather late last night and checked my email before going to bed. There it was - my copy of "How to Get Paid to Write Articles". There was even a bonus, but then, you know about that.

Instead of going to bed I read both e-books for the first time. I will read them again to fully absorb the words of wisdom. They are fantastic. Now all I have to do is decide what I want to write about.

Thank you for such great advice - and for a great newsletter.
- George McCartney

Note: The above comments are from real people and are on file in my office.

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