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Press Releases Made Easy

Press Release Marketing A good press release can generate hundreds of new links to your site and thousands of new visitors, often in a matter of hours.

Press release marketing is a great way to gain publicity, but it's overlooked by most webmasters and small businesses. They don't see themselves as newsworthy, to which I say ... hogwash!

Here are just a few newsworthy items:

  • The debut of a new website or blog, or a major upgrade to one.
  • You or your business has received an award or have been singled out for an accomplishment.
  • To announce a management or executive hiring or promotion or a retirement.
  • To announce you're giving out an award—nothing cheesy, have an aura of prestige; or perhaps something controversial (worst of the web, idiot of the week, etc.).
  • To announce a new product or service or significant upgrades.
  • To announce a contest or contest winners.
  • To announce you're giving away free information.
  • For making a significant contribution to charity (such as donating 10% of your sales for a certain time frame).
  • To announce research findings.
  • To announce anything odd or unusual.
  • To identify a new trend in your niche market, or the results of a poll or survey that would have broad appeal.
  • To mark a significant event such as a business anniversary or your 10,000th customer.
  • To announce a product or company name change.
  • To announce acquiring a major contract or new business partner (get permission from the other party first), or to announce a "celebrity" endorsement (even if it's only a local celebrity if they have a title that recognizable everywhere, such as the mayor of your town).
  • To offer your expert opinion on topic where there are major divisions in opinion in your market niche.
  • To reveal an industry scam, or announce a preventative measure, or guidelines for what to do after you've been scammed. I got a ton of links to this site when my site was hacked and issued a press release offering a free ebook on how webmasters could make their sites safer from hackers.
  • To offer free products or a free consultation—obviously the product or service has to be worthwhile and at least a little unique for your industry. Offering a free pencil won't do it.
Those are just off the top of my head. I could come up with dozens more ideas. The point is, stop thinking about headline news with the major news media—there are thousands of smaller media outlets you've never heard of that might print your release.

Leave the decision if something is newsworthy or not up to them ... but first you have to submit your news item!

There are also thousands of websites that subscribe to various RSS feeds. Even if your press release isn't picked up by any significant media outlet, it could still appear on hundreds of websites, gaining you valuable links.

Issuing press releases is one of the very best ways to promote your business. Press Releases Made Easy will help you get started. Are you ready to get started?

Press Releases Made Easy
I'm ready to get started!
Note: Press release agents charge hundreds of dollars to write and submit a press release. You'll know how to do it yourself for the grand sum of just $7 for this special report.
Just $7.00 if you order now.

PS - Once you issue a few press releases and realize the power they have to drive significant traffic to your website and to help your website rank higher in the search engines, you'll wish you'd have discovered this special report much sooner. :)

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