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SEOS and SEO Lite

SEOS and SEO Lite, my first two search engine optimization ebooks, have been replaced with SEO for YOU, a 102-page ebook that teaches everything you need to know about on-site search engine optmization.

SEO for YOU teaches you all the on-page/on-site strategies I use to send my site to the top of the search engine rankings.

SEO for YOU will show you...

  • How to find the actual search terms related to your content that people are using every day.
  • How to optimize your content for those search terms.
  • How to structure your web site for the highest rankings.
I tested 21 search terms relevant to my site's content at 13 different search engines. How did my site do?
  • 224 first page listings
  • 59 number 1 rankings
Go to my SEO for YOU product page and see the proof for yourself. If you're tired of seeing your competitor's sites outrank yours—do something about it!

P.S. - If you really want to take your site to a higher level even faster, get Free Reports Goldmine AND SEO for YOU and put them both to work for you. These are the main two things I do to promote my site.

You just can't argue with those rankings and a Google Page Rank of 5 (if you have the Google Toolbar installed you can go to my home page and see for yourself).

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