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Simple PHP

Robert Plank is a master at PHP programming. You may never have heard of him but you've more than likely seen his work on dozens of popular web sites. I liked this ebook so much I bought the rights to sell it because it closely resembles how I write tutorials—written in a conversational style.

As I do with my web design book, he closes out each chapter with an assignment and a quiz. If you have my book you know how effective writing in a conversational tone, coupled with an assignment and quiz, is as a teaching style. This book makes learning easy, just like I try to do!

What You'll Learn

All that sounds good as far as learning goes, but you're probably wondering what you'll learn from this ebook. Just look:
  • Site personalization.
  • Password Protection.
  • Autoresponders.
  • Anything of the day.
  • Affiliate script.
  • A calendar.
...and that's just what you'll learn how to do in 6 of the chapters, there are 17 chapters in all.

If you want to add to your 'webmaster bag of tricks' Simple PHP can save you a bunch of money. Just one of the scripts he provides will save you way more than the few dollars it costs, which is just $17.00.
(It's sold elsewhere for $29.97)

So go ahead . . . it's really simple. Click the Add to Cart button and grab your own copy of this time saving, money saving PDF ebook now. Or better yet, click here to learn how you can get it for free!

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Simple PHP I liked this ebook so much I acquired the resell rights to it. It sells elsewhere for $29.97, but you can get it here for just $17.00.

Or even better, click here to learn how you can get it for free!

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