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Web Site Analysis and Submission Service

Web site analysis and search engine submissions are two different services, but because people who buy one often buy the other I include them both on this page and even offer a bundled discount if both services are purchased at the same time. Each service is described below.

Search Engine Optimization

For the small business or hobbyist webmaster, search engine optimization is mostly a mystery. Yet, if your site is not optimized for search engines it stands little chance of gaining a high enough ranking for people to find it in the search result listings.

Hiring someone to optimize your site for you is expensive. Up front fees are often hundreds to thousands of dollars or more with a reputable company, plus monthly maintenance fees that can also be hundreds of dollars. That's usually not in the budget for small business owners, let alone hobbyists.

While you could hire me to perform a site analysis on your site, I don't recommend it. You read that right—I'm telling you not to hire me unless you want to overpay!

You see, my recently released White Hat SEO manual will teach you more about search engine optimization than my analysis will.


Because an analysis is about optimizing your site as it is currently structured and for your current content, while White Hat SEO starts at the beginning and shows you how to optimally structure your site, how to target the right keywords and the right audience, and much more.

To put it another way, a site analysis is about patching up what you have as best as can be done, while White Hat SEO is about starting right and building the smartest way possible on a good foundation.

Web Site Analysis Service

If you don't want to start over with your web site, and you are willing to overpay for my analysis (you have to give me credit for being honest with you), I'll closely examine your home page (or any single page) and prepare a very specific report about the page.

Reports usually run from 5,000 to 10,000 words, so you're not getting a quick, canned response—you're getting a very thorough examination of your web page, with additional comments about your web site in general, plus my specific suggestions on what you can do to better optimize your site for search engine placement. Here are some of the things I look for:

  • Source code optimization.
  • File optimization.
  • Structural optimization.
  • Content optimization.
  • Navigation optimization
  • Keyword usage and misuse.
  • Code validity.
  • Search engine violations.
  • User experience.
  • Aesthetic appeal (optional).
The cost of a site analysis is $297.00. The order link is at the bottom of this page if you're still reading. :)

Web Site Submission Service

I submit your site to the major search engines manually. Some companies use software for all their submissions, but you shouldn't use software to submit to the major search engines. Read my article, The Truth About Search Engine Submission Services, if you'd like to know why automated submissions to the major search engines is a bad idea.

I do submit your site to the minor search engines and directories and niche search engines using submission software. There are too many of them to do this part manually unless you have a fortune to spend. I can submit your site to thousands of FFA pages too, but only if you request it. The aforementioned article also details why I don't submit to FFA pages (unless you request it).

Note: The submission service does not include search engines and directories that charge for submission or inclusion. It is also not recommended for web sites hosted with free web site hosts, since the chance of being listed in most search engines is limited at best.

Full Disclosure

If you have a couple hundred dollars for the software and can afford the monthly fees for database updates you could buy submission software and do it yourself. It does take time to do it right, but it isn't that hard. My fee is based on my time.

The cost of the site submission service is $97.00. The site analysis is $297. If you order both services at the same time you get the submission service for just $1 ... just $298 for both.

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Get the submission service for just $1 when you order a site analysis!
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