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Google Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic to your web site. You can buy website traffic in many different ways if you need traffic right now.

There are also many different ways to get free traffic. It can come in bursts, but drawing free, sustainable traffic in increasing amounts is a long term strategy. That's the focus of this article.

At the time of this writing, these were the latest traffic stats for this site for one month:

visitor count
There was no advertising done. That traffic is from the search engines, bookmarks, and links from other sites. Now, I didn't post that screen capture to brag, but so that you could have some confidence in the content of this article.

The following five traffic tips are not the only things I do to get free traffic, but they are a big part of it.

  1. Sites that are stagnant for a long time may have their ranking lowered or could eventually be delisted by the search engines. So, keeping your site fresh by adding new content or by updating old content is an important part of staying relevant. Your repeat site visitors also need to see new or updated content over time or they will lose interest.
  2. Start a mailing list. You could write a regular newsletter like I do, or just send out tips on a regular basis, or even just notify people when you add new content. If you have a commercial site you could have people opt-in to your list to receive discounts and special offers. A mailing list brings people back to your site time and time again. Repeat visitors are essential to a content site.
  3. Add a Tell-a-Friend script and/or social buttons like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter so people can share the content they like with their social circles. It's easy to set up when you use an all-in-one solution like that found on Add This. When people share one of your pages on a social site, it's a "social approval signal" that the search engines like to see. It not only leads to direct traffic, but it helps improve your site's ranking at the search engines. Add This is free.
  4. This is a big one—you need to conduct keyword research so you know exactly what people in your niche are searching for so you can structure your content so it's easier to find via search engines. If you don't know how to conduct keyword research go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter and you'll get a Keyword Basics report that will show you how to find the keywords that will bring traffic to your website. If you aren't doing the research (which is fast and free) then your just throwing darts in the dark . . . good luck with that.
  5. Content is the most important key to success. Always focus on creating original, high-quality content and your site will grow in popularity, your traffic will steadily increase, and you gain links from people who like your site. If your content isn't good, none of the other items will help your site succeed.

I didn't mention search engine optimization, which is a huge component of getting free traffic from the search engines. All these items play a role in search engine optimization, but of course there's a lot more to it than this. If you want to discover all my search engine optimiization tactics then check out White Hat SEO.

If you make a consistent effort you'll be rewarded with Google traffic and traffic for dozens of other places as well. It's not an overnight process, it's building for the future.

You could even end up with a money-making Authority Site.

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