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Background Magic Image Packs

Wahoo! All you Background Magic owners that have been requesting image packs can now celebrate with dancing in the street, they're here!

So what do the new blending tiles look like? They represent some of my best work, just look at the sample sheets below.

NOTE: These are for registered users of Background Magic. They won't work in any other program or for non-registered users.

Pattern Samples: 100 images in this image pack

Texture Samples: 100 images in this image pack

Floral Samples: 100 images in this image pack

NOTE: Some of the florals would work as full page tiles, but by their nature with all the colorful contrasts, the majority of the floral images are best suited to left border backgrounds.

One Image Pack: $14.95
Two Image Packs: $23.95
- Save $5.95
All Three Image Packs: $29.95 - Save $14.90

Note: If you choose just ONE or TWO images packs, let me know which one or two you want in the Comments field of the order form.

View Your Cart ...or order by Postal Mail.

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What is Background Magic?

If you found this page but have no idea what Background Magic is, it's a terrific software program that enables anyone to create custom web page backgrounds, matching buttons, and much more. It's way too cool for some folks, but maybe not for you!

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